Scott: We can still take you to the hospital.

Hayden: I've already died there once.

This is the relationship between True Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall and former Werewolf-Werejaguar Chimera and now Beta Werewolf Hayden Romero.

Scott and Hayden first met when Tracy attacked her in Dreamcatchers. After that Liam rescued her from The Dread Doctors, Scott goes to see her and she finally believes she's a chimera and he promised to Liam to do everything he can to save her. However in Status Asthmaticus, Scott refused to give Hayden the bite to save her from her mercury poison as she's very weak which makes Liam very angry as Scott is breaking his promise. And Liam under Theo's manipulation tries to kill Scott to become an Alpha and give Hayden the bite himself but he didn't now that was part of Theo's plan to become an Alpha but Mason frees Liam from his anger of the supermoon.Hayden dies but Theo resurrects her along with other Chimeras and they're proclaimed Theo's pack. In Apotheosis, Hayden gets hurt by Sebastien Valet and asks Deaton to save her but unfornately he only is able to stabilize her wounds and Scott gives her the bite to prevent her from dying again and she sucessfully becomes a Beta Werewolf and Scott's second bitten Beta

Throughout Teen Wolf Edit

Season 5Edit

In Dreamcatchers, Hayden notices Tracy Stewart in their class, Hayden questions her because of her age, she's too old to be in there class and she's dirty with no shoes. Hayden tries to check on her but Tracy is unresponsive as she is delusional and going through night terrors. Scott enters the class, as he approaches Tracy, she grabs onto Hayden's arm, Hayden suffers minor wounds after being gripped by Tracy who is taken away by Scott.

In Strange Frequencies, Scott after being lied by Theo and Stiles about who killed Josh Diaz, he goes to his house see if Hayden was okay, she doesn't open the door but then she opens and says she believes the about she being a Chimera. As The Dread Doctors woud came look for Hayden, Scott, Liam, Lydia and Malia hide her in the school and Scott promised Liam to do everything he could to save her. But unfornatelly, thanks to some hallucinations, Scott, Malia and Lydia got in trouble and Hayden and Liam are captured by the doctors.

In Status Asthmaticus, Scott says to Liam he can't give Hayden the bite because it would kill her and Liam gets angry as he thinks Scott doesn't want to save her. Scott promised Hayden to find her sister, Valerie, but Theo stucks him in the library with Mountain Ash as he reveals he's a chimera and the first to be created. Liam almost kills Scott but Mason comes and says to his best friend that Hayden died.

In Apotheosis, Hayden gets hurt by Sebastien as she tried to kill him with Tracy's Kanima venom, Scott gives her the bite to save her and she become a real werewolf and Scott's second bitten Beta.

Trivia Edit

  • Scott bit Hayden in a life or death situation, the same as his first Beta Werewolf, Liam Dunbar
  • Hayden is in a relationship with Scott's other Beta.
  • Hayden initially didn't understand the faith that the pack had in him, nor did she want to follow him. She later learned that he was a caring leader.
  • Scott refused to turn Hayden the first time she was near death as he worried "the bite" could kill her faster than the mercury.
  • Hayden is a member of his pack

Gallery Edit

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