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You came back for me. I love you. I love you so much.

The relationship between True Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall and Thunder Kitsune Kira Yukimura

Scott and Kira first met in their high school history class in Season 3B's Anchors, where Scott took notice of Kira right away. The two slowly became friends throughout Season 3B, with their friendly feelings developing into something more. However, they did not officially begin a romantic relationship until Season 4's Muted, due to confusion over the state of their relationship and Scott still grieving the death of his first love, Allison Argent.

However, from then on, Scott and Kira remained in a solid relationship for the duration of Season 4 and Season 5, with Scott first admitting that he loved Kira in Condition Terminal. Even when Kira felt compelled to leave Beacon Hills to go to Shiprock, New Mexico in order to learn what was wrong with her inner Kitsune spirit, Scott and Kira remained together; when Scott helped rescue Kira and Noshiko from the Skinwalkers in Shiprock, Kira was so relieved that she told Scott that she loved him for the first time.

Their relationship ended when Kira made the difficult decision to return to Shiprock to train with the Skinwalkers, as she had no idea how long she would be gone but knew she would have to stay however long it took to regain control over her immense powers. Though Scott has since moved on and begun a romantic relationship with Malia Tate in the three years since she left, they remain friends and allies to this day.

Scott and Kira are also known as Scira by fans

Throughout Teen Wolf

In Anchors, Scott and Kira first met when her father, their history teacher Ken Yukimura, introduced her to the class in an embarrassing fashion, causing Scott to catch notice of her. After class, Kira watched Scott curiously in the hallway, frowning in confusion when Scott's best friend Stiles Stilinski quickly shuffled Scott into a nearby classroom, not knowing that Scott had lost control of his Werewolf transformation and needed to hide to prevent himself from exposing his supernatural identity. Later that afternoon, when Kira approached Scott, Stiles Stilinski, Allison Argent, Isaac Lahey, and Lydia Martin at lunch after having overheard them talking about Scott, Stiles, and Allison's recent near-death experience, Scott informed the group that her name was Kira and that she was in his history class before inviting her to tell them more about what she knew about Bardo. Kira explained that Bardo was a series of progressive states between life in death during which time the person could be visited by peaceful and wrathful deities, causing hallucinations, among other symptoms. Scott and the others became very alarmed upon learning that the last of the states was death.

In More Bad Than Good, Kira nervously re-introduced herself to Scott before history class and informed him that she had done more research on Bardo for him, since her explanation the previous day was "all over the place," in her words. Scott, appreciative of the gesture, told her that she didn't need to go through the trouble, and when she searched her backpack for the research, she found that she had forgotten it. Just then, Mr. Yukimura came up behind her with the stack of printouts and loudly stated that she had "forgotten the research she did for that boy she likes," once again embarrassing her in front of Scott, though Scott simply blushed at the news that she liked him and smiled at her.

Kira watched as Scott helped his best friend Stiles, who had just had a panic attack in front of the class, out to the locker room to calm down. When the bell rang, she realized that both Scott and Stiles had left their backpacks behind and, wanting to do something nice for Scott and his friend, grabbed the bags to bring them back to the boys. However, what she didn't know was that Stiles' backpack contained a doll that he had stolen from the site of the car crash that killed the Werecoyote Malia Tate's adoptive mother and sister, and Malia, who had been in full coyote form for the last eight years, was so eager to get it back that she broke into the school and chased Kira into the locker room. Kira hid behind a row of lockers, where she was eventually found by Scott, who knocked the row of lockers over to scare the coyote away and save Kira from being attacked. Afterward, Scott used his Werewolf hearing to eavesdrop on Kira and Ken talking, smiling to himself when he heard Kira say that she was trying to do something nice by bringing Scott and Stiles their bags, since she thought that doing something nice would help her make friends, leading Scott to make a mental note to be friendlier to Kira in the future.

In Galvanize, Scott overheard Kira talking to her father, Ken Yukimura, in his classroom during lunch. While Kira and Ken were talking, Kira mentioned her difficulty making friends since they moved to Beacon Hills, which led Ken to remind her that she was a beautiful girl and that someone would eventually take notice. When Kira brought up the fact that thus far, the only person who had shown notice was a rabid coyote, Ken laughed and suggested that she date the coyote, though Kira insisted that she didn't want to date and simply wanted to make a few new friends, which made Scott determined to befriend her. Ken seemed to have the same idea, because that evening, Ken returned to the Yukimura House to inform Kira that he had invited Scott to dinner to thank him for saving Kira from the coyote attack in the previous episode. Kira was initially mortified, especially when she learned that Ken and Kira's mother, Noshiko, had made sushi to impress Scott, who had never had it before, but Kira quickly warmed up to Scott as she taught him to use chopsticks. While they ate, Scott and Kira made pleasant small talk with Ken and Noshiko about the Yukimura Family and Noshiko's Japanese heritage until Scott accidentally mistook his wasabi for guacamole and burned his mouth, effectively ending the family dinner.

However, afterward, Kira ordered a Hawaiian pizza and brought it up to her room so she and Scott could eat it together, and when Scott expressed his relief regarding food he knew was "safe," Kira laughed and pointed out that they should have started him out on California rolls before they started to eat together, leading Scott to realize how much he was starting to like her. After they ate, Kira walked Scott out to his motorbike and informed him that she thought he was a nice guy, and not just because he saved her from being eaten by a coyote. When Scott asked her what else he did, she smiled and reminded him that he remembered her name right after she started attending Beacon Hills High School. Scott seemed to be smitten by Kira, but before he could get on his motorbike and leave, William Barrow, a convicted mass-murderer who was obsessed with children who had "glowing eyes," appeared and knocked him out with a crowbar before capturing Kira. Scott awoke to find Stiles and Lydia, who had learned through their own investigation that Barrow was being manipulated somehow into killing Kira, standing over him. Thanks to a Banshee premonition experienced by Lydia, they realized that Barrow had taken Kira to the electrical substation where he used to work prior to his arrest. Scott, as the only one with active supernatural powers, split up from Stiles and Lydia and eventually found Kira tied up to a chain-link fence that surrounded a transformer. Barrow was about to electrocute Kira with a live wire when Scott appeared, and though Kira yelled at him to run, Scott continued to try to save her, only to be backhanded by Barrow using the live wire. Since the electricity had weakened his powers, Scott could do nothing but shout at Barrow that Kira wasn't the one he wanted, which ultimately did no good. To Scott's shock, when Barrow put the live wire to Kira's face, she discharged an enormous amount of ice-blue electricity from her body, which both accidentally killed Barrow and caused a city-wide blackout due to the damage to the transformers.

In Illuminated, Scott and Kira sat next to each other on the couch in Sheriff Stilinski's office at the Beacon County Sheriff's Station, along with Stiles and Lydia, who were on either side of them. Kira remained quiet while Scott and Stiles were questioned by Special Agent Rafael McCall about what happened with William Barrow. Since Agent McCall was not aware of the supernatural, the boys, who wanted to protect both Kira's newly-revealed supernatural identity and their own part in the supernatural community, purposely talked in circles to confuse and annoy him. After Agent McCall got the gist of the public story, he turned to Scott and Kira and asked what the two of them were doing before Barrow knocked Scott out and captured Kira. The two answered simultaneously, with Scott saying "Eating pizza" and Kira saying "Eating sushi," both of which were technically true. The two tried to get their answers straight, but ultimately switched responses until they eventually amended their replies to "Eating sushi and pizza." When it became clear that Agent McCall didn't believe their stories, he turned to ask Sheriff Stilinski what he thought about it, to which the Sheriff stated that he ultimately believed that, luckily for Kira, the kids found themselves at the right place at the right time. Agent McCall, still skeptical, asked Kira if this was really what happened, and after being given a strong look by Scott, Stiles, and Lydia, she agreed that they had told the truth about everything that had happened before asking if she could have her phone back, though Agent McCall said they needed to keep it for evidence. Sheriff and Agent McCall then sent the kids home, due to the fact that it was a school night.

The next day, Scott and Stiles were at their lockers, talking about the previous night's events, when Scott saw Kira arrive and tried to leave to talk to her, only for Stiles to hold him back. Scott insisted that he needed to discuss what happened last night with her, but Stiles reminded him that since someone left a coded message for Barrow telling him to kill Kira, they needed to wait until they figured out whether or not she was "another psychotic monster that's going to start murdering everybody," insisting that Scott should avoid any and all interaction with her. When Scott wondered aloud if Kira was a Werewolf like him, Stiles pointed out that Kira was able to walk through "1.21 gigawatts of electricity," which meant that she wasn't anything like him. All the while, Kira, who was getting her books out of her locker, tried her best to avoid Scott as well, still trying to wrap her mind around what had happened with Barrow, including the fact that a strange aura surrounds her whenever she takes a photo of herself with flash photography.

At lunch later that day, Scott found Kira sitting alone by herself while she ate her packed lunch in the hallway and, despite Stiles' insistence that he stay away from her, he decided to sit down next to her. He waited for a moment for her to say something, and when she stated that she didn't want to talk about what happened the previous night, Scott respected her decision and pulled out his pre-calculus book as he asked her if she wanted to instead talk about their test the upcoming Friday. After a moment, Kira took the book from him and closed it before turning so she could look him in the eyes and asking him if he had his phone with him. When Scott nodded and pulled his phone out, she informed him that she was going to show him something that no one, except for Barrow, had ever seen, and asked him to take a photograph of her with the flash on. After Scott did what he was told, he was shocked to see the fiery red, orange, and gold aura around her, leading Kira to explain that she had no idea what it was, but that it started showing up a couple months ago, and that it only happens when the flash is on. She also added that she didn't know why, but that somehow, Barrow knew about it, and he used her own phone to take photos of her to prove it. Scott, realizing that this was why Kira wanted her phone back from the police the previous evening, assured her that he would help her get it back since she was afraid of what would happen if any of the police officers or FBI agents would think if they saw the photos.

That evening, Scott and Kira met up with Stiles outside of the Sheriff's station, where Stiles gave them cloned keycards that would get them into the perimeter doors, the evidence room, and Sheriff Stilinski's office, though he warned them that he would be unable to help them if they got caught due to the fact that Agent McCall had his father under examination for impeachment. In the middle of their conversation, Kira pulled Scott aside for a moment to ask him if he had told Stiles about the photos, which led Scott to assure her that he simply told him that she had naked photos of herself on her phone that she didn't want anyone else to see, which even Kira agreed was a good idea. Scott and Kira then sneaked into the station, which was understaffed due to the blackout that Kira had caused the night before that had yet to be fully repaired at this time. They managed to make it into the evidence room without being discovered but were made even more anxious by the revelation that Kira's phone had died at some point since it was taken by the police. Kira wanted to just steal it, but Scott reminded her that they would know someone had taken it since it had already been logged as evidence. Fortunately, they found a phone charger and managed to use Agent McCall's Macbook to charge it enough for Kira to delete the photos, though it forced them to stay longer than expected and caused Stiles to go against his earlier statement that he couldn't help them by jumping out of his Jeep and distracting Agent McCall long enough to let them get away unnoticed. After they met back up with Stiles out in the parking lot, both Scott and Kira were ecstatic to have completed their mission without being caught, a reaction that seemed to endear Kira to Stiles as well as to Scott. Afterward, Scott seemed disappointed at the thought of taking Kira home, as did Kira, which eventually led Scott to ask Kira if she wanted to go to a party that Danny Mahealani was throwing at Derek Hale's loft, which they believed to be abandoned.

Upon arriving at the party, Scott and Kira were excited for Stiles when Caitlin, a former acquaintance of Stiles', appeared and kissed him on the cheek, and supported him as he left to go chase her down. Afterward, Scott noticed that Kira was getting shoved around by the crowd of people and took her by the hand so they wouldn't get separated, an act that made Kira smile bashfully before thanking him for everything that he had done for her. Unfortunately, Scott then caught the eye of Allison, his ex-girlfriend, across the room and shared a supportive smile, which Kira interpreted as Scott not being interested in her. She quickly let go of his hand and allowed herself to be transported away by the flood of people in the loft, though it took Scott a moment to notice. When he realized that Kira had left while he was sharing a silent look with Allison, he allowed his red Alpha eyes to come out so he could track her down more easily, which was when he found, much to his surprise, that his Werewolf-vision allowed him to see the true shape of Kira's aura, which was in the form of a fox around Kira's body.

At some point during the party, Scott and Kira reunited and eventually found their way up onto the roof of the apartment building, where they sat on a nearby stoop. Kira pointed out that Scott had gotten body paint on his face, and when he was unable to wipe it off himself, she laughed and licked her thumb before cleaning him up, leading Scott to laugh and say that she "mom'd him." After a brief awkward silence, Kira worked up the courage to ask Scott how he was so okay with everything that had happened in the last day or so since she believed the photo that she showed him would have sent anyone else running for the hills. Scott assured her that it didn't look that bad to him, and when Kira insisted that she looked like a demon from hell, he reiterated that he saw something different, that the aura seemed to be protecting her like armor and that it looked nothing like a demon. Kira, curious about this response, asked him what it looked like to him, causing Scott to admit that it looked like a fox, which seemed to trigger something in Kira's memory.

After Scott heard Derek roar for help and caught wind of the commotion back downstairs at the party (though he did not yet know that five Oni demons had arrived and had performed tests on Derek, Lydia, and Ethan), he and Kira went back to the loft and were shocked to find everyone not associated with the McCall Pack rushing out of the apartment. Scott stood protectively in front of Kira as the Oni began approaching Aiden, and when they completed their test and turned toward Kira, both Derek and Scott began attacking the Oni, though they were not strong enough to defeat them. Scott was forced to partially transform into a werewolf to fight them off, inadvertently exposing his supernatural identity to Kira, who looked shocked but not scared by this revelation. Once the sun had finished rising, the Oni were forced to evacuate, leaving Scott, Kira, and the others to wonder what they were and why they were there.

In Silverfinger,

In Riddled,

In Letharia Vulpina,

In Echo House,

In The Fox and the Wolf,

In De-Void,

In Insatiable,

In The Divine Move,

In The Dark Moon, Kira is seen inside the Mexical club along with Scott and Malia. Later, they are seen in a torture room of sorts, where both Scott and Lydia are being tied up as the Calaveras deman he tell them where Derek is.

In 117,

In Muted,

In The Benefactor,

In I.E.D.,

In Weaponized,

In Time of Death,

In Monstrous,

In A Promise to the Dead,

In Smoke and Mirrors,

In Creatures of the Night, Kira is seen stuck in traffic with her parents, worried that she would be late meeting up with the pack. Her mother saw how anxious she was about getting to the school and asked what they were doing is vandalism, to which she denied.

In Parasomnia,

In Dreamcatchers,

In Condition Terminal,

In A Novel Approach,

In Required Reading,

In Strange Frequencies,

In Ouroboros,

In Lies of Omission,


  • Kira is Scott's second girlfriend in the series after his first relationship with Allison Argent, and Scott is Kira's first boyfriend in the series, though Noshiko Yukimura has stated that Scott is not the first boyfriend Kira has ever had.
  • Scott and Kira are the only romantic couple who both play on the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse team, with Scott playing as #11 and Kira playing as #15.
  • Scott and Kira's relationship defies the typical folklore that states that foxes and wolves don't get along.
  • Kira gave Scott her first and only Kitsune tail in Apotheosis and asked him to keep it safe for her while she's training in Shiprock with the Skinwalkers.
  • A running joke in the show is that Scott and Kira are unable to go on a normal date with each other, as they are always interrupted by supernatural drama. Their first dinner together was interrupted by William Barrow's abduction of Kira while possessed by a Nogitsune fly, and their first real date at Derek's loft was interrupted by the arrival of Kate Argent and her Berserkers, who defeated Scott and Kira and then captured them, bringing them to La Iglesia in Mexico.