Wendigos don't need help. We need food!
— Sean to Scott

Sean Walcott was a character that was introduced during Season 4 of MTV's Teen Wolf. He along with his family were included on the Dead Pool. They were wendigos, a form of canibalistic shape-shifters. He was the youngest son of Christina and David Walcott and the brother of Michael Walcott, who lived together in a house in Beacon Hills with their cat, Willow. He is the first seen Wendigo on Teen Wolf.


In Muted, Sean's entire family was killed by the assassin known as The Mute, who hacked them all to death with his military-grade tomahawk. Sean was almost killed along with them, but managed to escape by jumping out the window of the bathroom and running to the hospital, where he was eventually treated by Melissa McCall and Dr. Geyer while Sheriff Stilinski and his deputies, including Jordan Parrish, investigated the murders of his parents and brother.

When Lydia Martin was drawn to the Walcott House in a banshee fugue state while Deputy Parrish was keeping watch, the two discovered that the house had a hidden frozen meat locker, where the family was keeping dozens of bodies of deceased humans, revealing that the entire family were wendigos. It was then that Sean's hunger got the best of him, and he attacked and ate the Sheriff's deputy keeping guard outside of his room before going after Melissa, though her son Scott McCall saved her from being eaten along with him.

Scott caught Sean trying to eat Liam Dunbar on the roof and tried to intervene, but when Sean spurned Scott's offers of help, the two began to fight, which led Liam to fall over the edge of the roof and desperately hang on by his fingers. Just as Scott saved him, The Mute appeared behind them and threw his tomahawk at Sean, which hit him right in between the shoulders and killed him instantly. It wasn't revealed until The Benefactor that Sean, his parents, and his brother, were among the roughly three dozen supernatural creatures on the Deadpool hit-list, and were each valued at $250,000.

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