This page features all minor characters that made an appearance during Season 1 of MTV's Teen Wolf. It spotlights characters that essentially received minor roles but were relevant enough in the story to which a page was needed to document their involvement. Please use the Minor Character Infobox when adding a new addition to the page.

Garrison MyersEdit

Garrison Myers was a character that was introduced during Season 1 of MTV's Teen Wolf. He was a school bus driver at Beacon Hills High School. However, before that he was a insurance investigator that was involved in the Hale House fire.

In Pack Mentality, Scott McCall had a dream that he attacked Myers on a school bus. The next day it was revealed that this was not a dream, and that Garrison was indeed attacked that night; however, it wasn't by Scott. In order to remember what happen, Scott went back to the scene of the crime, where he learned that the bus driver was attacked by The Alpha.

As he recovers in the hospital, Scott enters his room. Garrison freaks out, and grabs ahold of Scott. Melissa McCall then enters the room and separates the two. Later that night, Derek Hale shows up and demands to know what the driver remembers about the attack. He doesn't answer Derek, but he recognizes him, he says "Hale" and then repeats that he's sorry. Derek is taken by surprised because he's never met the driver before that moment. He now wants to know how the driver knows who he is but, Garrison soon dies.

Nurse JenniferEdit

Jennifer was a character that was introduced during Season 1 of MTV's Teen Wolf. She was a nurse that worked at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, she was Peter Hale's nurse to be exact. She knew that Peter was a werewolf, and she helped fulfill his plans to become an alpha and get revenge on everyone involved in the Hale House fire.

In Magic Bullet, she enters Peter's room at the hospital, and discovers that Derek Hale and Scott McCall have unexpectedly showed up. Jennifer yells at them and quickly kicks them out.

In Night School, she walks in on Derek shouting at a comatose Peter. Jennifer stops him and explains to Derek that Peter just needs time, yelling at him won't accomplish anything.

In Wolf's Bane, Jennifer and Peter surround Stiles Stilinski at the hospital. She stands in his way until Derek arrives and knocks her unconscious.

In Co-Captain, Jennifer is shown via flashback, watching Peter shift on the night of a full moon.

In Code Breaker her body is discovered in the trunk of her own car. Peter explains that he killed her because she had served her purpose. It was later revealed that prior to her death, Jennifer went to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic in order to get a copy of the photo of the dead deer with a spiral on it. This was used as bait, to get Laura Hale to return to Beacon Hills, so that Peter could kill her.

Reddick & UngerEdit

Reddick & Unger were characters introduced during Season 1 of MTV's Teen Wolf. They were bullies and delinquents with a surprising connection to the Hale House fire.

In Lunatic, Reddick and Unger just so happened to stumble up Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski getting drunk in the woods. Reddick grabs the bottle of Jack and takes a drink, he then insults the young teens. When Scott demands to be given the bottle back, Reddick tells him he'll have to take it, Scott approaches Reddick, with his eyes glowing gold and his claws growing, and demands the bottle of Jack back. Reddick hands it over and Scott snatches it out of his hand, then he throws it at a tree. Moments later, they are walking through the woods Unger wants to leave but his request is denied, Reddick stops for a smoke break, he is then grabbed by The Alpha and killed.
Unger turns back and notices that Reddick is gone, so he begins to panick, The Alpha then grabs him by the legs and drags him through the woods until they reach a trash can that is on fire. Unger is then thrown into the flaming barrel.

In Co-Captain, it is revealed that Unger and Reddick had a helping hand in the Hale House fire that lead to the death of many members of the Hale Family. This is the reason as to why they were killed. Peter Hale was seeking revenge on everyone involved in the death of his family

Mr. MartinEdit

Mr. Martin is a character was was introduced during Season 2 of MTV's Teen Wolf. He is Lydia Martin's father and Natalie Martin's ex-husband. Even though he is Lydia's father, he has only made two appearances.

In The Tell, both Mr. Martin and Ms. Martin attend parent-teacher conference night at Beacon Hills High School. As the conference with Lydia's teacher begins, Mr. Martin suspects the worst, bad behavior, bad grades, and issues with concentration. However, this is not the case. He was presumably surprised to learn that Lydia is the smartest and most popular student in school.

In Omega, Mr. Martin is at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital after learning of Lydia's attack during the school dance. He stays with her at the hospital as she recovers. As Lydia prepares to get up out of the bed, he asks her if she'd like some help getting in the shower, she replied with a sarcastic remark, so Mr. Martin decided to wait outside the room until she was finished. When he steps out, he notices Stiles Stilinski asleep on the bench, he asks Melissa McCall if Stiles had been there all night, she tells him that Stiles has been there all weekend.

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