This page features all minor characters that made an appearance during Season 2 of MTV's Teen Wolf. It spotlights characters that essentially received minor roles but were relevant enough in the story to which a page was needed to document their involvement. Please use the Minor Character Infobox when adding a new addition to the page.

Unnamed Omega WerewolfEdit

The Unnamed Omega Werewolf was a character that was introduced during Season 2 of MTV's Teen Wolf. He was a homeless werewolf that came to Beacon Hills looking for a pack.

In Omega, the homeless werewolf enters a graveyard in Beacon Hills, he sees Isaac Lahey operating a backhoe. So he charges towards Isaac, knocks him and the backhoe into the grave that was being dug, and then jumps over it as Isaac lays in the hole underneath. The Omega then begins tearing into one of the graves, and eats the liver off the deceased. The next morning, he is seen digging in a trash can near the parking lot of Beacon Hills High School. Jackson Whittemore pulls up in his silver Porsche, the homeless man compliments the car, however; Jackson doesn't care, he gives the man a dollar and tells him to find somewhere else to die.

That night, he attacks someone in an ambulance and rips them apart, leaving the vehicle a bloody mess. After leaving the ambulance, he is confronted in the woods by another werewolf, Scott McCall. They begin to fight, they trade blows, but Scott is proven to be the superior fighter. After accepting defeat, he runs off, but Scott chases after him, until they reach a clearing. The Omega gets caught in one of the hunters' tripwire traps, he is hung from a tree by his wrist.

Scott prepares to help him, but Derek Hale appears, and pulls Scott to safety as the Argents approach. Chris Argent shocks him with a taser prod which forces him to shift back into his human form, Chris then questions him on his purpose in Beacon Hills. The Omega informs them that he came looking for The Alpha, Chris and Gerard soon realize that they have an Omega werewolf in their capture. He says that he wasn't there to hurt anyone, he was only looking for the Alpha, but Gerard doesn't care. He pulls out a large broad sword and cuts the Omega in half.

Mr. LaheyEdit

Mr. Lahey was a character that was introduced during Season 2 of MTV's Teen Wolf. He was Isaac Lahey's abusive father and a an employee at the Beacon Hills Cemetary. He was also the former coach the Beacon Hills High School swim team.

In Omega, he and his son, Isaac are being questioned by Sheriff Stilinski on the events that took place last night. He urges the sheriff to move the questioning along because Isaac has to be at school. The sheriff informs them they are looking for Lydia Martin, she's gone missing, she has no clothes and the temperature is going to drop. Stilinski tells them that the K9-unit lead them to the cemetary, Isaac dines seeing anything, Lahey explains to the sheriff that if Isaac saw a naked girl outside the computer screen he'd remember.

In Shape Shifted, Mr. Lahey and Isaac are having dinner at home, he asks his son about his grades in school, specifically Chemistry. He demands to know the grade, but Isaac attempts to avoid the question, he threatens to take the conversation downstairs, after hearing this, Isaac tells him that his grade is a "D". Lahey says that he'll have to punish Isaac for his failing grades, its his duty as a parent, he starts off with telling Isaac that he'll have to do the dishes and clean the kitchen. He then purposely throws all the dishes on the floor and they shatters. Isaac cowers in the corner, Lahey stands up and throws a glass pitcher at Isaac, a shard of glass stabs the teen right below the eye.
Isaac pulls the shard out and the blood along with the wound begins to heal right before Lahey, Isaac runs out the house and gets on his bike, with Mr. Lahey right behind him in his car. As he's driving, he sees Isaac's bike down an ally way, a dark figure appears as he approaches the bike, Lahey initially believes this to be Isaac, but as he gets a better look, he determines that its something else. Lahey runs to his car, but the creature yanks the door off and kills Lahey.

In Fury, it was revealed by Matt Daehler via flashback that several years ago, Mr. Lahey invited multiple members of the Beacon Hills High School swim team to his place as a reward after winning the state championships. Matt, who was much younger at the time was also at Lahey's place, but he was there with Isaac, trading comic books, while he was there, Matt was thrown into Lahey's pool. However, the drunk swim team members were unaware that Matt couldn't swim, this lead to his drowning and temporary death. Mr. Lahey got him out the pool in time and as he revives Matt, he says "You tell no one. This, this is your fault. You don't know how to swim? What kind of bastard doesn't know how to swim? You say nothing, you tell no one, No one."


Bennett was a character that was introduced during Season 2 of MTV's Teen Wolf. He was a former student of Beacon Hills High School, a Hunter and an ally of The Argents.

In Ice Pick, Bennett is at a gas station on his motorcycle, he looks over and notices Allison Argent, he nods at her and then drives away. He then participates in capturing Allison and taking her to the Hale House, where he played a recording during her first hunter session with her father, Chris Argent. He waits outside with a timer, seeing how long it will take Allison to break free, according to Bennett it took her two and a half hours. He tells her not to feel so bad because it took him three. As he was getting ready to leave, a tail wraps around his leg and pulls him to the ground, after being scratched on the neck, he pulls out his gun but can barely stand, he's becomes paralyzed due to the venom and he is killed by the Kanima.

It was later revealed that Benntte was one of several members of the 2006 Beacon Hills High School swim team at the Lahey House the night at Matt Daehler drowned in the pooled. He was saved by Mr. Lahey; however, Matt still blamed all of them for his death. After forging a bond with the kanima, he used that connection to kill all the members of the swim team that was present at the celebratory pool party that night, which included Benntte.

Tucker CornishEdit

Tucker Cornish was a character that was introduced during Season 2 of MTV's Teen Wolf. He was a mechanic at Armor Tire and Service Center as well as former student at Beacon Hills High School. He was also on the lacrosse and swim team.

In Abomination, he is at the shop working on Stiles Stilinski's jeep, as he is doing the repairs, Stiles enters wondering what he's doing. Tucker was only suppose to install a new starter; however, he tells Stiles that the entire exhaust system on the jeep needs to be replaced. He originally tells Stiles that the repairs will cost around $1200 due to parts and labor, Tucker then ups the price to $1500. Moments later, he is scratched on the back of his neck by The Kanima. The venmo in the scratch completely paralyzes Tucker, he falls to the ground, the kanima then slices the hydraulic line which caused the jeep to descend on top of Tucker thus killing him.

In Fury, he was said to have been present during the drowning of Matt Daehler several years ago. According to Matt, Mr. Lahey had invited some of his favorites from the Beacon Hills High School swim team over to his place for celebration of their winning of the state championships. As Matt was drowning, Tucker was hooking up with Kara.

Kara SimmonsEdit

Kara Simmons was a character that was introduced during Season 2 of MTV's Teen Wolf. She was the organizer for raves. Kara was also a former student at Beacon Hills High School and former member of the swimming team.

In Raving, Kara is at a warehouse selling tickets for an upcoming rave. Dozens of people are there, including Scott McCall, Jackson Whittemore and Matt Daehler. Jackson is up next in line, she asks him how many tickets does he needs, he signals one, Jackson hands Kara the money, as he gives him the ticket, Jackson caresses her hand. This freaks Kara out, so she leaves on the elevator as Jackson menacingly stares at her. That night as the rave begins, Kara watches over the party from the DJ's booth, she doesn't see Jackson as he walks through the crowd towards her; he is stalled by Isaac Lahey and Erica Reyes who manage to inject him with a drug and lock him in a room.
However, this drug doesn't last long as Jackson manages to escape. Kara looks at the DJ and tells him that she'll be back in five minutes, she gets on her phone and walks towards the back. She doesn't see the Kanima as it jumps out of nowhere and stabs Kara in the throat.

In Fury, she watched as Matt Daehler drowned at the Lahey House several years ago. Kara along with several of other Beacon Hills High School swim team members were invited by Mr. Lahey to get drunk and Party at his home. Matt showed up and was thrown in the poo. Kara was hooking up with Tucker as this happened.

Sean Long & Jessica BartlettEdit

Sean Long & Jessica Bartlett were characters introduced during Season 2 of MTV's Teen Wolf. They were both former students at Beacon Hills High School and former members of the swim team.

In Restraint, Sean and Jessica are in a very small camper in the middle of the woods, they begin to argue over their current predicament. Jessica is upset because she was promised that they'd only be living like that for a few weeks, apparently its been longer than that. Sean reminds her that just because they are in a trailer, doesn't mean they are trailer park trash, Jessica agrees, she says they're worse due to the fact that they don't even have enough money to stay in a trailer park. At that moment, the lights begin to flicker on and off until they eventually goes out, Sean suggests that it was probably the generator, with a aggravated voice, she says you mean the thing that runs the water and the electric? He looks as her, Sean is clearly just as stressed about the current situation as her, she apologizes for her rude remark.

Jessica explains that she's tired of being slightly terrified all the time, she says its not like she wants to be. As Jessica begins to cry, Sean hugs and comforts Jessica, telling her that everything will be okay, he then leaves the trailer to check on the generator. While checking the generator, Sean is confronted by a hooded figure outside, they appear to be arguing, what about is currently unknown. The Man then points upwards, Sean looks up and he is yanked up into the tree by The Kanima, which kills him and then throws his body through the window of the camper. As all of this occurred, Jessica watched from the camper, The Kanima makes its way inside; however, after discovering that she was pregnant, it leaves.

After the incident at the camper, Jessica has been taken to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital where she just had her baby, she grabs Melissa McCall's arm as she prepares to leave, she tells the nurse that Sean's killer has to be stopped, she says they didn't see it, it wasn't human. After Melissa leaves, the hooded figure returns to finish the job, he enters the room and kills Jessica.

In Raving, Sean and Jessica's bodies are seen in the morgue of Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. Chris and Allison Argent enter the morgue and discuss their current situation. Chris explains that Sean was killed by a kind of shape-shifter that hasn't been around for centuries, he then tells her that Jessica was smothered to death after giving birth, the police believe it was by someone else. Chris believes that it was done by the Kanima Master, that means two killers, one human, one not.

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