The first episode of Season 3 of MTV's Teen Wolf aired on June 3, 2013. It was titled Tattoo. This premiere scored the highest ratings in the series history with an estimated 2.36 million U.S. viewers. The 3B premiere episode, titled Anchors aired on January 6, 2014 with 2.429 million estimated viewers. This season consisted of 24 episodes with two separate 12 episode arcs that were categorized as Part A and Part B.

Jackson Whittemore has moved to London. A new teacher, Jennifer Blake, has joined Beacon Hills High with a keen eye for Derek. While infiltrating the Alpha Pack who have taken refuge in a bank, they discover that Erica is dead and Derek's sister Cora Hale is a prisoner. Scott McCall, Allison Argent, Derek Hale, and the rest of the gang find themselves up against a new enemy: the lethal Alpha Pack that has come to Beacon Hills who have kidnapped Vernon Boyd, Erica Reyes, and, unbeknownst to anyone else, Derek's long-lost sister Cora Hale. While infiltrating the bank where the Alphas have taken refuge, Derek and Scott discover that Erica has been killed and that Cora was also a captive. In addition to this threat, a mysterious, threatening, supernatural Druid has been taking categorized trios of human sacrifices, killing them and absorbing their power to go against the Alpha Pack.

In the latter half of the season, while Scott struggles find his place as Alpha, he, Stiles, and Allison begin to experience strange side effects as a result from igniting the power within Beacon Hills through the surrogate sacrifice ritual. They soon discover the answer to their problems may be found in a new student named Kira Yukimura, a girl with remarkable power of her own. It is soon revealed that Kira is a Thunder Kitsune, a long-lived Fox spirit with the power to create, control, and absorb electricity, and that her mother, Noshiko, a 900-year-old Celestial Kitsune, had a connection to the powerful Nogitsune, who had escaped the prison he was forced into by Noshiko in 1943 and had possessed a new vessel-- Stiles Stilinski. The newly-formed McCall Pack and their allies must work together to find a way to free Stiles from his possession without killing him in the process.


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Episode List

Image Title Airdate Episode # in Season Episode # in Series
Tattoo jennifer crows Tattoo June 3, 2013 1 25
In the season premiere, a new Alpha pacl arrives to wreak havoc on Scott's life while Derek and Isaac search for Erica and Boyd.
Chaos rising mchalinski Chaos Rising June 10, 2013 2 26
Allison and Lydia stumble upon a possible clue to finding Boyd and Erica, while a childhood friend of Stiles goes missing.
Fireflies tableau Fireflies June 17, 2013 3 27
With Boyd and Cora on the loose and under the influence of the full moon, Scott and Derek must turn to an unlikely ally.
Unleashed mclahinski Unleashed June 24, 2013 4 28
Scott tries to prevent a deadly confrontation. Stiles defends the werewolves.
Frayed scallison Frayed July 1, 2013 5 29
A preemptive strike against the Alphas leaves several injured and possibly dead.
3x06 Motel California Deucalion kills Melissa Motel California July 8, 2013 6 30
Stranded at a motel for the night because of the postponed cross-country meet, Scott and the others suffer strange experiences that cause them to believe members of their own group may be the mysterious killer's newest targets.
3x07 Currents Scott gold eyes Currents July 15, 2013 7 31
Scott's trusted mentor and boss is threatened. Deucalion, Kali, and the twins go after Derek.
Visionary derek paige Visionary July 22, 2013 8 32
Seeking answers, Scott, Allison, and Stiles turn to two unlikely narrators for help and discover a secret about the color of a werewolf's eyes.
3x09 The Girl Who Knew Too Much Lydia Banshee The Girl Who Knew Too Much July 29, 2013 9 33
As Allison begins to suspect someone dangerously close to her may be involved in the murders, Scott and Stiles conclude that Lydia's rising talents may be their best bet to solving the murders.
The overlooked The Overlooked August 5, 2013 10 34
Trapped in the hospital, Scott and the gang have to work with the Darach against The Alpha Pack.
3x11 Alpha Pact Derek alpha wolf eyes Alpha Pact August 12, 2013 11 35
With the threat growing far more personal and time running out on innocent lives, Scott is forced to make a difficult choice in order to save both friends and family while, at the same time, Derek and Peter try to figure out how to save Cora's life.
3x12 Lunar Ellipse Full moon Lunar Ellipse August 19, 2013 12 36
With Deaton's help and advice, Scott and his friends use an ancient and extremely dangerous ritual to help them both save the lives of the people they love and stop Jennifer from achieving her sinister goal.
3x13 Anchor Scott losing control Anchors January 6, 2014 13 37
Several weeks after the events of Lunar Ellipse, Scott, Allison, and Stiles experience worrisome side-effects of the surrogate sacrifice ritual. Scott gets to know new student Kira, and Sheriff Stilinski tries to close an eight-year-old cold case.
3x14 More Bad Than Good Werecoyote More Bad Than Good January 14, 2014 14 38
Scott and his friends race to figure out how to catch the Werecoyote before it's hunted down, while Derek and Peter are broken out of captivity by an unlikely ally.
3x15 Galvanize Kira electricity Galvanize January 20, 2014 15 39
When a convicted murderer escapes prior to surgery, Scott and his friends try to help his target.
Illuminated allisaac Illuminated January 27, 2014 16 40
Beacon Hills is under curfew from the power outage. The teenagers throw a black-light Halloween party. Scott tries to earn Kira's trust.
S3 Scott shows Kira werewolf form Silverfinger February 3, 2014 17 41
Scott and Kira work with Derek, Ethan and Aiden to try to avoid the masked samurai who have invaded Beacon Hills while Argent, Allison, and Isaac seek out an acquaintance of Argent's for answers. Meanwhile, Stiles becomes concerned by his worrisome recent symptoms.
3x18 Riddled Stiles in trap Riddled February 10, 2014 18 42
Stiles goes missing. Scott and the others set off on a search. Lydia tries to master her new abilities.
Letharia vulpina scott stiles Letharia Vulpina February 17, 2014 19 43
Scott and the others try to prevent a disaster. Lydia and Allison seek out an unlikely teacher.
Echo house stiles marin Echo House February 24, 2014 20 44
Stiles checks into Eichen House for the safety of his loved ones. Scott and the pack work to find a mystical artifact in hopes of expelling the Nogitsune from Stiles' body
The fox and the wolf noshiko rhys The Fox and the Wolf March 3, 2014 21 45
An important clue is revealed in the story of a World War II internment camp. Kira's role is more crucial, and she discovers unusual abilities.
3x22 De-void Stiles vs Nogitsune De-Void March 10, 2014 22 46
Scott and Lydia join forces. Meanwhile, Stilinski faces a review board.
3x23 Insatiable Allison dies Insatiable March 17, 2014 23 47
Scott and company race to rescue Lydia from the clutches of evil as the Nogitsune makes a surprising move, resulting in a tragic loss to the group.
3x24 The Divine Move Aiden dies The Divine Move March 24, 2014 24 48
Struck by disaster and nearly defeated, Scott and Derek call on their friends and allies to make one last stand.


Teen Wolf Official Promo (Season 3) MTV-002:38

Teen Wolf Official Promo (Season 3) MTV-0

Teen Wolf This Might Hurt (Season 3) MTV-000:07

Teen Wolf This Might Hurt (Season 3) MTV-0

Teen Wolf Official Trailer (Season 3) MTV02:11

Teen Wolf Official Trailer (Season 3) MTV

Teen Wolf Official Trailer (Season 3 Part 2) MTV02:01

Teen Wolf Official Trailer (Season 3 Part 2) MTV

Teen Wolf Official Promo 1 (Season 3) MTV00:31

Teen Wolf Official Promo 1 (Season 3) MTV

Teen Wolf Official Promo (Season 3) MTV00:11

Teen Wolf Official Promo (Season 3) MTV

Teen Wolf Official Promo 3 (Season 3) MTV00:31

Teen Wolf Official Promo 3 (Season 3) MTV

Teen Wolf 'Meet Shadow' Official Promo (Season 3) MTV02:18

Teen Wolf 'Meet Shadow' Official Promo (Season 3) MTV

Teen Wolf 'This Might Hurt' Promo 2 (Season 3) MTV00:11

Teen Wolf 'This Might Hurt' Promo 2 (Season 3) MTV

Teen Wolf This Might Hurt (Season 3) MTV00:07

Teen Wolf This Might Hurt (Season 3) MTV

Teen Wolf 'This Might Hurt' Promo 4 (Season 3) MTV00:16

Teen Wolf 'This Might Hurt' Promo 4 (Season 3) MTV

Teen Wolf Official Promo (Season 3) MTV-100:11

Teen Wolf Official Promo (Season 3) MTV-1

Teen Wolf 'Isaac' Official Promo (Season 3) MTV00:11

Teen Wolf 'Isaac' Official Promo (Season 3) MTV

Teen Wolf 'Death is Coming' Official Promo (Season 3) MTV00:42

Teen Wolf 'Death is Coming' Official Promo (Season 3) MTV

Teen Wolf 'Something's Coming' Official Promo (Season 3) MTV00:16

Teen Wolf 'Something's Coming' Official Promo (Season 3) MTV

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