So, let me explain what's about to happen. This one, the Fox, has an immunity to electricity, so she's going to turn the dial on the Alpha. If she doesn't, I turn the dial on the Banshee.
Severo to Scott, Kira and Lydia in The Dark Moon

Severo Calavera is a supporting character who has appeared in Season 3 and Season 4 of Teen Wolf. He is the son of Araya Calavera and a member of the Calavera family of supernatural supernatural hunters. He was first introduced in More Bad Than Good, when he was torturing Derek and Peter Hale for information regarding "La Loba," which Severo implied was a female shapeshifter connected to Derek, though Derek and Peter had no idea who she was. He then came to Beacon Hills in The Divine Move to once again capture Derek and find out where La Loba was, though he was eventually knocked out by the woman he was seeking, Kate Argent, who got her new moniker after her transformation into a Werejaguar and who captured Derek herself.

Severo appeared again in The Dark Moon when Scott McCall, Kira Yukimura, Malia Tate, Lydia Martin, and Stiles Stilinski came to their home in Mexico under the mistaken belief that the Calaveras had taken Derek hostage a second time. After the McCall Pack was overpowered, Severo led the torture of Scott to force him to figure out who La Loba (who had actually captured Derek) really was by forcing Kira to shock him with electricity. After Scott finally figured out that they were hunting Kate, the family released him and the rest of his pack to accompany the mercenary Braeden to La Iglesia in order to find Derek and Kate.

Severo wasn't seen again until Smoke and Mirrors, when he aided Chris Argent, Jordan Parrish, Araya, and the other Calavera Hunters in attempting to take down Kate and her Berserkers. Though the Berserkers were eventually killed, Kate managed to escape, so Severo and the rest of the Calaveras joined Chris in tracking Kate down, a mission that they are presumably still in the process of carrying out.

Severo is a member of the Calavera Family and an ally to the Argent Family.

Early Life

Little is known about Severo's early life, except that he was born to Araya Calavera and an unknown father sometime in the mid-late 20th century in Mexico. Since his mother has said that she has been a Hunter for over forty years, it is likely that Severo was raised his entire life in the Hunter lifestyle, and it was the Calavera Family's dedication to the Code that caused him to continue their legacy as enforcers of its rule. ("More Bad Than Good"), ("The Dark Moon")

In February 2011, Araya and Severo traveled to Beacon Hills, California after hearing that Kate Argent had been killed when Peter Hale ripped her throat out with his claws. This news caused them to worry that Peter's claws went deep enough to turn her, leading them to sneak into Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital's morgue, where, sure enough, they found Kate's body slowly regenerating and resurrecting itself as they came closer to the full moon.

Afterward, they apparently swapped out Kate's body for someone else and brought Kate back to the Calavera Compound in Mexico, where they locked her in the bathroom of the nightclub the family runs out of their house until Kate finally revived on the night of the full moon. Severo came down only long enough to toss Kate a straight-razor that evening, as the Hunter Code states that a Hunter who is turned into a shapeshifter must kill themselves the night of their first full moon. Unfortunately for Severo and his mother, Kate chose instead to live as a shapeshifter, and after she successfully transformed into a new werejaguar form, she faked her death just long enough to lure the Hunter minions of the Calaveras into believing she was dead before killing them and escaping. From then on, Severo and Araya dedicated themselves to hunting Kate down. ("The Dark Moon")

Throughout Teen Wolf

Season 3

In More Bad Than Good, Severo was introduced for the first time when he and his Hunter cohorts chained Derek and Peter Hale to a chain-link fence in the Calavera Compound's basement while he tortured them with electrical cables. In an effort to taunt them even more, Severo remarked that his equipment was so old that the dials weren't even accurate anymore, causing him to "accidentally" electrocute his captives to death. When Peter sarcastically remarked that he thought the voltage he was using may be a little high, Severo purposely turns it even higher, stating that occasionally, the werewolves he tortures will be shocked so hard that they break their teeth, or that their muscles continue twitching long after they've died.

After several more moments of torture, Severo finally turned off the machine before demanding to know where La Loba was, though Derek and Peter insisted they had no idea who they were talking about. Severo, unamused, threatened to cut them in half, leading Peter to remark that bisecting werewolves with broadswords was a little medieval. This caused Severo to smirk and retort that they weren't savages before gesturing toward one of his fellow Hunters to bring out a chainsaw, which he threateningly held up to Derek's arms and neck. Before they could go any further, Araya appeared in the basement and insisted in Spanish that Severo didn't have to be so hard before demanding to know where La Loba was once again, even going so far as to cut off Peter's ring finger when he wouldn't reply.

In The Divine Move, Severo, accompanied by several other hunters, break into Derek's loft, where they again demanded to know the whereabouts of La Loba. Derek, believing that the person they called La Loba was his younger sister Cora, refused to give up her location and insisted that they would have to just kill him. However, Severo had no idea who Cora was, indicating that it was talking about someone else. Just then, a smoke grenade was thrown into the apartment, allowing a shapeshifter to use their super-speed to neutralize all of the Hunters despite the machine-gunfire that was shot at her, knocking Severo out in the process. It was then revealed that La Loba was actually Kate Argent, who had transformed into a werejaguar after being "killed" by Peter Hale in Code Breaker.

Season 4

In The Dark Moon, the Calaveras are working out of a club, but it's only a front for what they really have going on, Severo spots Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin when they enter the club, he alerts someone on the walkie-talkie. Severo stands in the background as Stiles and Lydia offer Araya $50,000 in payment for Derek's safe return. She tells them that it was not safe for them to come alone, Stiles informs them that they didn't, they have back up. Severo and the other hunters search the club for the rest of the pack, Araya radios-in and tells him to show them how the Calaveras negotiate, he is in the DJ booth above the dance floor, he nods at the DJ who grabs a bullhorn that sprays smoke into the crowd when triggered. The pack is eventually capture after being taken down with Wolfsbane and locked up in a cell, some time later, Severo and two other hunters enter and take Scott away.

He brings in Kira and explains the rules, since "the fox" is immune to electricity, she'll turn the dial up on "the alpha", but if she refuses to do so, then Severo will turn the dial up on "the banshee". As the power is applied to Scott, Araya talks him through, she forces him to remember. Once Scott realizes that Kate is still alive, Araya explains that after the Calaveras learned that Kate Argent was killed by the claws of an Alpha, they decided to check out her body. When Severo and Aarya arrived at the morgue in Beacon Hills, they discovered that she was in transition as her body was healing and transforming as claws were growing from Kate's fingers. They took her body back to Mexico with them, they expected her to follow the Hunter's Code, which states that a hunter must kill themselves after being infected by a supernatural creature. The hunters gave her a sharp blade to kill herself, instead she used this to escape with.

In I.E.D., Severo and Araya Calavera break into the Argent House to discuss with Chris Argent their hunting ways. As Severo slowly approaches, Chris hears footsteps, so he switches on some type of electrical shock before pulling a gun and turning around to which Severo responds with pulling out a gun of his own. Araya enters and has both lower their guns, she explains that they haven't heard from Braeden in days and they fear that Kate may have killed her, she reminds Chris that they are the hunters, they should stop hiring people and do the hunting themselves. Then he and Araya being to recite the Hunter's Code, "We hunt those who hunt us", they repeat it until Chris says it himself.

In Smoke and Mirrors, the Calaveras arrive at La Iglesia just in time for the fight, they are accompanied by Chris Argent and Jordan Parrish, they hop out the trucks and begin to fire and Kate and her Berserkers. Severo fires at them as well as the other hunters. He and Araya watch as a black wolf with glowing blue eyes attacks Kate, it's then revealed that the wolf was Derek Hale and that he was evolving, the Calaveras appear speechless as this is rare in the supernatural community. After the fight, Chris leaves with the Calaveras after previously making a deal with them to hunt Kate.


Little is known about Severo's personality due to his limited amount of screen-time and the fact that Severo is more a man of action than he is a man of words. However, the little that has been shown indicates that Severo is a very loyal son and lieutenant to his mother, Araya Calavera, the matriarch of the Calavera Family, whose commands he follows to the letter. Like his mother, he is devoted to the Hunter Code, and he has continued his family's legacy of enforcing the Code as though it were law, including ensuring that Hunters who have been bitten by an Alpha and survive kill themselves before their first full moon. He also seems to have the black-and-white sense of morality that is common among Hunters that allows him to torture supernatural creatures to get the information he seeks, as well as killing those the Code has deemed deserving of such a fate.

Physical Appearance

Severo is a middle-aged man of Hispanic heritage. He has tan skin, brown eyes, short black hair and a thickly-grown goatee. He typically wears a t-shirt under a black coat or jacket with dark pants and shoes.


Like the rest of his family, Severo is a hunter of supernatural creatures with a specialty in Werewolves, although they are knowledgeable about a wide variety of shapeshifters and other creatures, such as Werejaguars and Kitsune. From his limited amount of time on the show, Severo has demonstrated a great understanding of the powers and weaknesses of the creatures he hunts, and is trained in close-quarters combat with and without weapons. Among the weapons he has been shown to use competently are firearms such as handguns, assault rifles, and automatic machine guns, as well as bladed weapons (daggers, swords, machetes) and taser wands. He has also been shown to use electrical currents and wolfsbane to great effect when torturing and/or interrogating his captives.


  • Wolfsbane and wolfsbane fog dispersal machine
  • Assault rifles with bullets bearing the Calavera skull symbol
  • High-voltage cattle-prod tasers
  • Electrical system for torturing werecreatures
  • Machete
  • Chainsaw


  • The Calaveras appear to have been associated with the Argent Family for many years, though how exactly they came to be allies remains unknown.
  • According to Araya, Severo hates the electronic dance and dubstep music that they play at their nightclub, which she calls "the music of youth."