You see, when I first got away from the Calaveras, I had no idea where to go... But something kept pulling me here, to the Temple of Tezcatlipoca. His name means "smoking mirror," and this place is a temple of the smoking mirror. Obsidian. When I got here, I found the Berserkers waiting for me. They helped me survive. I didn't know quite why until recently... Until I decided to trust someone I never thought I'd trust. It was then that I found out I could not only control the Berserkers, but I could create them. They call me La Loba, the "Bone Woman."

Smoke and Mirrors is the twelfth episode of Season 4 and the sixtieth episode of Teen Wolf.


Scott and Stiles return to La Iglesia to save the pack from Kate. *

(*Though this is the official synopsis, it is incorrect-- Scott and Kira are actually the ones who need saving from Kate, and the Pack comes to La Iglesia to rescue them)


Scott's pack heads to Mexico to save their Alpha from the grips of Kate and her Berserkers, with help from unexpected allies. Meanwhile, in Beacon Hills, Lydia and Mason find themselves in danger.


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  • Scott manages to turn back into a True Alpha Werewolf from a Berserker. He was turned into a Berserker by Kate Argent in A Promise to the Dead.
    • Liam manages to help Scott turn back by using the same words Scott used to console him in The Benefactor during his first full moon as a Werewolf-- "You're not a monster. You're a Werewolf... Like me."
  • Kira gains her first Kitsune tail in this episode when she uses a shard of obsidian to trigger her healing process. Her father modifies the obsidian tail into a shuriken throwing star, which will become important in future episodes.
  • Derek is revealed to not have lost his Werewolf powers for good like it was originally believed. Instead, he has evolved to the point where he can full-shift into an actual wolf like his mother Talia and his sister Laura, despite only being a Beta.
    • Derek was first suspected to have been losing his powers in I.E.D.
  • The Desert Wolf was mentioned by Braeden. She was last mentioned by Peter in A Promise to the Dead.
  • Mason gets his first introduction to the supernatural when he and Lydia are attacked by one of Kate's Berserkers.
    • Additionally, Sheriff Stilinski makes his first supernatural kill when he uses the claymore mine The Mute tried to use to kill Derek in The Benefactor to blow up the Berserker holding Lydia and Mason hostage.
  • It is revealed that Braeden really was a U.S. Marshal at one point in her life, but that she lost her job when she became too obsessed with hunting one of her targets, who happens to be Malia's mother, the Desert Wolf. Braeden first impersonated a U.S. Marshal in Muted.
  • Liam finally learns to mostly control his Werewolf transformation on the full moon after Derek and Stiles help him use the "sun, moon, truth" mantra utilized by Satomi's Pack. This is Liam's second full moon after being bitten and turned in Muted, though his control is still tentative for now.
  • Derek brings the Triskelion medallion in an attempt to use it to help Liam learn control. The Triskelion medallion has not been seen since 117, when Kate tried to steal it from the Hale Vault, and I.E.D., when Derek showed it to Chris Argent.
  • The yellow wolfsbane that Chris Argent stole in Monstrous makes another appearance in this episode when he uses it in a bullet to weaken Kate and to keep Peter sedated until he could be taken to Eichen House.
  • Allison Argent is mentioned by Kate to Chris in this episode when she insists that the McCall Pack, and specifically Scott, are the reason she's dead, though Chris argued that Allison died saving her friends. Allison was last seen in Insatiable.
  • The Bestiary makes an appearance when Lydia gives a newly-hardback copy to Jordan Parrish in an effort to help him learn what kind of supernatural creature he is. The Bestiary was last seen in Season 2's Restraint.
  • Peter is imprisoned in the supernatural ward of Eichen House, which Derek referred to as "Werewolf jail" in I.E.D. This ward was first introduced in A Promise to the Dead.


  • The title refers to La Iglesia, the site of the episode's major battle, which is made of obsidian. Kate explained to Kira that obsidian means "smoking mirror," which makes La Iglesia, known as the Temple of Tezcatlipoca, the "Temple of the Smoking Mirror."
  • This episode was a special "super-sized" episode that ran 75 minutes total with commercials, and roughly 50 minutes without commercials.
  • This is also the last episode to feature Derek Hale as a main cast member after Tyler Hoechlin decided to leave the show to pursue his film career. However, he has stated that he is still open to returning in a guest or recurring capacity in the future.
  • Peter is defeated by Scott, allowing him to be sedated with yellow wolfsbane and taken to Eichen House, where he is made Gabriel Valack's new roommate.
  • Kate escaped the pack and fled, forcing Chris to join the Calaveras to hunt her down.

Body Count



  • "Trainwreck 1979" by Death From Above 1979
    • Peter and Malia drive to La Iglesia Derek's SUV while Derek, Stiles, Liam, and Braeden follow behind them in a prison transport van.
  • "Hard Time" by Seinabo Sey
    • Peter asks Malia to turn down the radio before they talk about Scott and Peter's difference in philosophy about being a shapeshifter.
  • "Arsonist's Lullabye" by Hozier
    • Chris leaves with the Calaveras after the battle at La Iglesia. Braeden and Derek talk about the Desert Wolf. Stiles reunites with his father.
  • "Destroyer" by Panama
    • Noshiko informs Kira that she created her first tail when she used the obsidian shard to heal. Liam tries to lie to Coach about why Scott missed the game and why he, Scott, and Stiles missed the following lacrosse practice.