Sound Divination is an ability that is similar to clairaudience, which it actually compliments. The difference is that the latter doesn't actually require making sound to hear what is needed though sound divination can help make it clearer especially when using a Banshee Scream.

Users of Sound Divination can divine for information by using sound vibrations to trigger their ability to perceive supernatural energy. Lydia frequently uses this ability, such as when she plucked on strings to determine that Stiles was dreaming about Eichen House, when she dropped a handful of bullet casings onto a metal table to hear Derek Hale's screams to learn he was captured by the Calavera Family, and when she used the blank record in the record player at the Martin Lake House's soundproof study to divine the first codeword to the Deadpool.

Meredith would frequently use this ability as well.

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