"I could've killed you!"
"Not you. The fox inside you!"

Strange Frequencies is the seventh episode of Season 5 and the sixty-seventh episode of the series.


Scott tries to trap one of the Dread Doctors. Meanwhile, Stiles and Theo try to figure out who is taking the dead bodies.


Theo convinces Stiles to help him conceal the truth about Josh's death. Hayden is attacked by the Doctors, but Liam rescues her and takes her home: however, she then transforms into a werewolf. Mason befriends Corey, Lucas's ex-boyfriend, and discovers that Corey is a Chimera. Kira's mother, Noshiko, warns her that Kira's "inner fox" is fighting her for control. Melissa McCall and Sheriff Stilinski discover that the Chimeras had all previously received organ transplants. Theo and Stiles stake out the vet clinic to find out who is stealing the dead Chimeras. Scott, Lydia, Malia, Liam and Parrish set up a trap in the high school, planning to protect Hayden and hopefully capture one of the Doctors. Kira disappears from her house. Meanwhile, Parrish slips into another trance, goes to the vet clinic, knocks Stiles and Theo unconscious, and steals Josh's body. The Doctors subdue Scott, Lydia and Malia using illusions, abduct Liam and Hayden, and begin experimenting on them. Melissa finds a dead girl in her house, impaled by Kira's katana.


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  • The Dread Doctors confirmed Gabriel Valack's statement that they got their powers from frequencies and vibrations by telling Hayden and Liam that they were on a frequency they couldn't imagine.
  • Noshiko determined that Kira's Kitsune spirit and human spirit were out of balance, partially solving the problem that has been plaguing her all season so far. However, the rest of what caused this imbalance would not be revealed until Ouroboros.
  • Hayden and Corey were both confirmed to be Chimeras in this episode; the former was discovered by Liam Dunbar, and the latter was discovered by Mason Hewitt.
  • Mason realized that Corey's scorpion sting has already healed, which identifies him as a Chimera. Corey was stung by Lucas the Werewolf/Scorpion Chimera in Condition Terminal.
  • It is revealed that Theo Raeken allowed his sister to die of exposure in the Beacon Hills Preserve when they were children after she broke her leg and fell in the creek. Theo's sister's death was first mentioned in Parasomnia.
  • Lucas was mentioned by Corey and Mason in this episode. He was last seen in Condition Terminal.
  • Donovan Donati was mentioned by Theo and Stiles in this episode. He was last seen in A Novel Approach.
  • Due to Gabriel Valack's quote from A Novel Approach about "frequency and vibration," the McCall Pack decides to use cellular frequency jammers to try to jam the Dread Doctors' signal. Though this is unsuccessful in this episode, Gerard Argent will ultimately find a way to jam their frequency in The Sword and the Spirit.
  • It is revealed that the Chimeras were chosen by the Dread Doctors because they already had genetic chimerism as a result of having skin grafts or organ transplants from outside human donors. It was first suggested that the teenagers turned into Chimeras had something in common that made them special in Required Reading.
  • Kira is overwhelmed by her Kitsune spirit and leaves a message for her parents-- "115." This is a reference to Route 115, where Kira, Noshiko, and Ken Yukimura were trapped in traffic in Creatures of the Night, though this will not be revealed until Ouroboros.
  • Jordan Parrish finds his Queen of Diamonds playing card (which resembles Lydia and which has a burnt thumbprint on the face) on the floor of his car in this episode. This card was first seen in Condition Terminal.
  • Theo references the Werewolf eye color legend in which golden Beta eyes turn blue after taking an innocent life when he argues that since his eye color didn't change after killing Josh, that Josh wasn't an innocent. However, the legend is meant to refer to an innocent human life, and since Josh was not human, this is likely why Theo's eye color didn't change. The eye color legend was first brought up by Peter Hale in Visionary.
  • It is implied that Kira makes her third kill in this episode when a redheaded Chimera is found impaled with her sword on the McCall House's kitchen table.
    • Her first kill was William Barrow in Galvanize (though it was unintentional and caused by her reflexive discharge of foxfire when Barrow tried to electrocute her), and her second kill was the Nogitsune's cloned vessel in The Divine Move.


  • The title refers to the Dread Doctors, whose powers come from frequencies and vibrations, specifically electromagnetic ones.
  • In this episode, the Dread Doctors used some sort of sound device to induce horrifying hallucinations in Scott, Lydia, Malia, and Parrish that would incapacitate them so they could capture Liam and Hayden. Each of them had hallucinations that involved their greatest fears at the time in some way.
    • Scott hallucinated that Kira stabbed him in the chest with her katana and told him she was the Messenger of Death, as Scott was afraid that her Kitsune spirit would make her like the Nogitsune.
    • Parrish hallucinated that he passionately made out with Lydia before severely burning her with his Hellhound fire, as his biggest fear is hurting anyone with his powers.
    • Malia hallucinated that she got caught in several steel-jawed traps, due to her fear of being caught in traps from when she still lived as a coyote in the woods.
    • Lydia hallucinated that Tracy ripped out her tongue and kept her from being able to Banshee wail, as she feared being unable to help save her friends with her powers.

Body Count



  • "Blush" by SBCR, Elisa Bee & His Majesty Andre
    • A montage of the McCall Pack creating their plan to protect Hayden and catch a Dread Doctor at the high school
  • "Open Heart (Bonus Acoustic Mix) by Morgan Page ft Lissie
    • Kira questions Scott about her role in the plan before deciding that she needs to figure out what is wrong with her before she helps anyone else. They both kiss for a long moment.
  • "Drexler" by MADE IN HEIGHTS
    • Noshiko performs acupuncture on Kira's back in hopes of correcting the imbalance between the Kitsune spirit and the human spirit within her.
  • "Get Back Up" by The Unknown
    • Scott, Lydia, Jordan, Malia, Liam, and Hayden all set up the equipment and fortify the locker room at the high school
  • "Holland" by Glass Face
    • Hayden worries about her new identity as a Chimera, and Liam promises that she's still Hayden and that she'll learn to control it while Scott watches from nearby
  • "Pleasure" by Wurk Insoxx ft K-Mi
    • Mason finds Corey drinking at Sinema. When Corey tries to kiss him, Mason grabs him by the arm and reveals that he's already healed from the scorpion bite.

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