Super Durability is the supernatural power to withstand extreme amount of punishment. Most of the supernatural species possess this to go along with their strength and healing factor. This ability can be gained by unnatural means such as the case with Dread Doctors and the Chimera.

Berserkers Edit

Berserkers are among the most toughest of the supernatural types, their armor being somewhat magically enhanced to the point where swords and bullets bounce of the bone of their armor. Their only weakness is to destroy their skull which requires tremendous strength or to use explosives. Bullets have killed them before but only at a concentrated level and by a dozen Hunters at the same time.

Chimeras Edit

Chimeras possess a level of durability on par with Werewolves, though Theo stated that they are inferior to real Supernatural's . Chimera can withstand the same amount of damage although their healing ability is inferior.

Dread Doctors Edit

The Dread Doctors are almost as tough as Berserkers but their protection is not as tough. The Doctors were able to effortlessly withstand attacks by Theo and even Scott, with no effect. Only the Beast was able to bypass their toughness.

Hellhound Edit

The Hellhound is extraordinary tough even by supernatural standards, he is able to face off with the Beast numerous times despite the wounds he took, Impalement in the chest and damage from something as strong as the Beast was the only known way to make Cerberus go dormant, after the merge has taken place, it is unknown if impalement will still result in his powers going dormant.

Kanima Edit

Kanimas are incredibly tough, easily tolerating gunfire and even survived what was suppose to be a fatal attack by Derek and Peter.

Kitsunes Edit

Kitsunes have some level of durability, especially Nogitsunes who can shrug off bullets.

Oni Edit

The Oni were amongst the toughest of the supernatural, having few weaknesses to exploit, only ripping their firefly out or using silver will result in their vanquish, otherwise they will shrug off most physical attacks.

Werewolves Edit

Werewolves possess superhuman durability and are able to take an enormous amount of punishment albeit for a limited time as their healing ability can only heal so much.

Werecoyotes Edit

Werecoyotes possess the same level of durability as their Werewolf cousins. Though it also can depend on the individual as Maila Tate has shown to handle pain better than some of her Supernatural superiors.

Werejaguar Edit

Werejaguars likely possess the same level of durability as Werewolves.

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