Super Speed is the ability to move at a rapid and supernatural pace. Users can fight or run as speeds that the human eye can barely see. Typically a supernatural power, however the Chimera are known to possess this.


Most Chimera members of Theo's pack had werewolf qualities, meaning they would have had super-speed as an ability.

Dread DoctorsEdit

Through artificial means and self-experiments, the Dread Doctors were able to alter themselves and endow themselves with power, Dread Doctors have appeared suddenly from no where indication they either have super-speed or can otherwise alter reality to allow them to move through space.


The Hellhound has displayed a incredible burst of speed, able to keep up with the Beast and outrun a car. The Hellhound speed is best demonstrated when the Beast attempts to lay a trap, after only beginning his pursuit, the hellhound is next seen extremely far away with only his rapid footsteps being heard.


The Kanima was very fast, arguably possessing greater agility than Werewolves.


Kitsunes possess super-speed.


Oni possess super-speed, best seen when they are moving their swords at an incredible speed.


Werewolves possess super speed and can run extremely fast when they want to, they will run faster when on all fours.


Alphas are likely faster than Betas and Omegas, this ability is further enhanced in their beast form

Augmented AlphasEdit

Deucalion and his Alpha pack are even more empowered than typical Alphas due to the power stolen form their packs, Deucalion has shown the greatest speed so far from any supernatual creature, appearing right next to scott from across the room, moving so fast he was practically invisible to the human eye.

The BeastEdit

The Beast is physically the most powerful Werewolf and is likely faster than any other werewolf with exception of Deucalion. The Hellhound was barely able to keep up with it.


Werecoyote are equal to Werewolves, though are evidently faster in their coyote form.

Malia TateEdit

Malia possesses more power than a typical werecoyote after absorbing her mother's power, Malia speed may be enhanced.


Werejaguars like all lycanthrope variants, may possess a level of super-speed, as Kate was agile enough to match Scott in a fight.

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