Super Senses is the mostly passive ability to perceive the world at a heightened degree, senses such as sight, smell and hearing are much sharper. Many of the supernatural as well as unnatural have this power.

Beings that has this abilityEdit


Due to most of them being part werewolf, their sense of smell and hearing is heightened to a high degree, Hayden was able to hear what Liam and Scott were talking about clearly at a noisy lacross game.

Dread DoctorsEdit

Through unnatural means, and possibly through their masks, Dread Doctors can see in a spectrum that others can't, they are able to detect frequencies and other signatures. Their vision is sometimes orange or red.


Werewolves possess heightened senses, notably smell and hearing, though they can alter their vision to see in a red spectrum and as part of their agility, they can see at a faster rate. Scott mentions after gaining his abilities during a Lacross game that he felt he had all the time in the world to react to the moving ball.


Werecoyotes likely possess the same level of heightened senses as their cousins do, though Malia may have developed this further due to living in coyote form for years, and with the addition of her mother's powers, they may be even sharper.

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