Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is a 1985 film starring Michael J. Fox as Scott Howard, the protagonist of the movie. Teen Wolf is the original film in which the series is based off, the movie itself had a sequel Teen Wolf Too and a animated series that ran for two seasons Teen Wolf (1986 TV series)

The basic premise of the film is the same as the series in that Scott Howard becomes a werewolf, only in the movie it was passed to him from his father, rather than a bite.


Scott is teenager living in the town of Beacontown and attends Beacontown high, he is a basketball player for his school's team which is very unsuccessful and he is infatuated with Pamela Wells, who is dating one of his rivals. Scott's life takes a twist when he begins exhibiting changes and discovers that he is a werewolf.


Differences between the film and the seriesEdit

One of the immediate differences is the circumstances in which Scott acquires his lycanthropy, it being a hereditary strain than a viral bite. Character names also different with the exception of Bobby Finstock. The town is also different in name, which is also contradicted in the animated series as in the movie, its called Beacontown, but in the animated series, its called wolverton.


  • Despite it being the original basis for the series, the movie is not canon to the series.


The film gained mixed views with the critics and has only 47% on the rotten tomatoes meter.

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