A leitmotif is a recurring theme connected to an event, character or idea. Many characters though not all possess their own recurring theme. The show itself has its own intro theme was that used as a battle theme in the second season's finale during the battle between Scott, Derek, Isaac and the Kanima. Bloody Beetroots who guest starred as a DJ in season three, made a remix of the intro which replaced the intro for one episode in season three.

List of Characters/Creatures with Leitmotif Edit

  • Berserker: The Beserker theme plays during the battle with Scott, Malia and Kira in their first encounter at the Beacon Hill School.
  • Cerberus/Jordan Parrish/Hellhound: The Hellhound theme was arguably the most recurring character them in Season 5B. Playing in almost all instances of the Hellhounds activities. It is heard again in season 6A when Garrett takes control of him.
  • Chris Argent: Chris' theme is played twice in season 3, once during his attack on the Darack, and again when he escapes from being tied to a chair by a possessed Derek. Chris Argent's theme was used in season five for Braeden during the library battle.
  • Deucalion: Deucalion's theme is notably present in the season 3A finale when he begins his confrontation with Derek and Jennifer. His theme returns in Season 5B when he reveals to Theo he allowed his capature.
  • Jennifer Blake/The Darach: Jennifer's theme is noticable during the hospital battle when she and Derek are "Trapped" in the elevator, her theme plays again during the season3A finale when she and Derek walk out of the dust storm and again when she appears in her true form.
  • Kira Yukimura: Kira's theme plays when she absorbs the electricity from a wire that struck a pool of water, her theme also plays when she causes the black out at Eichen house.
  • Scott McCall: Scott's theme plays at varies points throughout the series which is a given as he is main protagonist but notable instances is when he first becomes the Alpha when he breaks Jennifer's Mountain Ash Barrier. The theme plays when he defeats Peter in their second battle.
  • Sebastien Valet. The Beast of Gevaudan's theme plays in Maid of Gévaudan when he is chasing his sister down before being killed. It plays again when begins his approach on Lydia and Kira before the former uses her banshee scream to free Mason.

Theme GalleryEdit

Berserkers Teen Wolf 4x02 Score HD04:08

Berserkers Teen Wolf 4x02 Score HD

Berserker battle theme

The Hellhound Teen Wolf Season 5 Part04:28

The Hellhound Teen Wolf Season 5 Part.1 Score HD

The Bloody Beetroots - Alpha Remix Teen Wolf Bonus Music HD02:27

The Bloody Beetroots - Alpha Remix Teen Wolf Bonus Music HD

Teen Wolf - Beast of Gevaudan (First Death OST) (S05E18)01:35

Teen Wolf - Beast of Gevaudan (First Death OST) (S05E18)

Sebastien theme

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