Teen Wolf: Policy The scope of this wiki includes the officially released films, games, books, comics, toys and other merchandise of the series if any. A new article can be created for every character, creature, location, weapon, and usable object seen in the series.

Where there is a very small amount of content (one line) for a large series of related topics, it may be better to make one central list/table instead. However, you should not be scared to make a new page.

Articles are not appropriate for fan fiction, people not directly related to the to the series, or unrelated media.

If you are unsure, ask an Administrator.

Real-World Topics

Several pieces of media in the Teen wolf series are set in modern times, and as such feature modern, real-world vehicles, weapons, locations etc. It is perfectly acceptable to create pages on Teen Wolf Wiki for these real-world topics — indeed, this is actively welcomed. However, when dealing with real topics, it is not necessary to go into extreme detail as this information is often available elsewhere and in many cases will be superfluous to its appearance in the franchise.

Pages on real-world aspects of the series should focus mainly on their relevance to the series. For example, an article on a real vehicle should focus on its appearance and role in the series. An article on a real-life town or city should focus on events that take place in that location as part of the series, be it in fictional media or from a behind the scenes point of view. Detailed descriptions and background are not appropriate on real-world topics as this information can be found in other locations and is not strictly relevant to the Teen Wolf Series.

Fan Fiction

One notable aspect of the series that is not permitted on Teen Wolf Wiki is fan fiction. The Teen Wolf universe has spawned an avid fan community, who have in turn created countless examples of stories and artwork. While many of these may be popular, they are not permitted here.

Users are welcome to share their own creations in the form of a blog post or on their user page, but creating articles for such media is against the rules. Any pages created will be deleted.

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