Trivia sections are allowed on all pages, as a way of providing information that is relevant to the subject but not appropriate for the main section article. However, there are rules for what is and is not trivia.

Trivia entries should be listed as bullet points.

The following is considered as trivia:

  • Major cast connections, However, tenuous links are not allowed.
  • Unrealised appearances.
  • Noteworthy references within the franchise.

The following is not considered to be trivia:

  • External references - References made to the subject in outside media are not allowed in the trivia section, and should instead be placed on one of the pages dedicated to this information.
  • Goofs - Goofs or mistakes should not be mentioned in the trivia section, but should go in one of the appropriate goofs articles.

Some trivia points can often be incorporated into a "Behind the Scenes" section. However, if the trivia point is brief and there is no "Behind the Scenes" section on the page, it should be placed in "Trivia". Also, trivia should never be more than three sentences long.

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