Chris: "Security system wasn't triggered."
Allison: "Then how did they get in?"
Isaac: "They didn't. It was like they came out of the shadows..."
Chris Argent, Allison Argent, and Isaac Lahey about the Oni's Teleportation power in Illuminated

Teleportation is the unique supernatural ability to instantaneously travel from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between. In Teen Wolf, this power is usually combined with one or more other powers, adapting them to make the power more effective with regards to the goals they are trying to achieve.

Users of TeleportationEdit


The Darach, Jennifer Blake, seemed to have some form of a teleportation power, which was combined with Zoopathy. This combination appeared to allow her to teleport herself and her victims to the locations where they would be sacrificed through swarms of certain insects and animals, such as scarab beetles, moths, crows, and deer.

Ghost RidersEdit

The Ghost Riders teleport by "riding the storm," allowing them to appear in a flash of lightning. This indicates that their power of teleportation is combined with their power of Atmokinesis, giving them the power to teleport through weather-related phenomena such as lightning, thunder, and strong gusts of wind. This power even allows them to bypass Mountain Ash barriers, as they can simply strike their teleportation-lightning on the other side of the barrier. However, this power can be manipulated by others in order to trap them, as the McCall Pack and their allies did using a lightning-proof cage powered by a strong generator and surrounded by Mountain Ash.

In addition to this form of teleportation, the Ghost Riders (and those who possess some Ghost Rider powers) can also use their mystical weapons, such as pistols and whips, to remotely teleport others to wherever they want them to go. Typically, this application of their teleportation is used to transport the Ghost Riders' captives to the Phantom Train Station, but it can also be used to teleport to other locations, as demonstrated when the Ghost Riders remotely teleported Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski to various locations within Beacon Hills High School.


The Oni, who can only interact with the living world at night through their power of Umbrakinesis, can combine their darkness-manipulation powers with their power to teleport. This gives them the ability to teleport through the darkness from one place to another within seconds. They do this by evaporating in the blink of an eye, leaving only a puff of darkness that quickly dissipates after they have left. This also allows them to leave in a hurry when the sun rises and forces them to hibernate until sundown.

Gallery Edit

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