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"They can't know about this. My mom, my stepdad... I can't do this to them again."
"What do you mean, 'again?'"
"I got kicked out of school. And I deserved it. But they way they looked at me when they saw what I did to that car..."
"Liam, it's okay--"
"They can't see me like this. Like... Like..."
"Like a monster? You're not a monster. You're a Werewolf. Like me."

The Benefactor is the fourth episode of Season 4 and the fifty-second episode of Teen Wolf.


On the night of the full moon, uninvited guests turn up at Lydia's lake house. Derek pursues a killer.


In the events of the last episode, Derek and Sheriff Stilinski examine the Wendigo's body after the Mute's attack. Scott and Stiles take Liam back to his house, but he escapes just before they can fill him in on what he saw. Peter is attacked by the Mute. The next day, Malia and Stiles prepare for the full moon and Lydia and Kira try to decipher the computer code that Lydia wrote down in Malia's math notes. Liam soon starts exhibiting his Werewolf powers of superhuman senses and accelerated healing, and Scott and Stiles unsuccessfully try to gain his trust. When Liam is resistant to their attempts to help, Lydia suggests that they trick Liam into coming to Lydia's family's lake house for an intervention under the guise of attending a party.

Derek painfully fixes Peter's chest wound laced with Wolfsbane from The Mute's attack, and Peter shows him a glove he got off the Mute during the fight. At the lake house, Stiles learns that Liam was kicked out of his previous school after a violent attack on a teacher's car. Derek brings the glove to Stilinski, but Parrish identifies both the glove and The Mute's tomahawk as military equipment. Liam is brought to the lake house and is brought up to speed on the supernatural world and the supernatural identities of the McCall Pack, but both Liam and Malia begin to lose control. Worse still, Liam texted his friends and others that there was a party, leaving Lydia with no choice but to keep the party going in order to distract the guests from the uncontrolled Beta Werewolf and Werecoyote, who are hidden in the boathouse by Scott and Kira and the basement by Stiles, respectively.

Parrish, Stilinski and Derek discover that the Mute is an assassin hired by someone called the Benefactor. At the party, a Werewolf named Demarco Montana is killed by Violet, one of Liam's friends who is also an agent of The Benefactor. Kira teases Scott about his self-control on a full moon, but Liam loses control and escapes. Malia struggles with her restraints, but Stiles, with his experience with the Nogitsune, helps her gain control over her transformation. Derek and Stilinski find The Mute at the school, and when his trap was foiled, The Mute attacks them directly. Derek disarms him, but Peter intervenes and kills him before he can be arrested by the Sheriff.

Scott finally finds Liam in the forest and, thanks to Chris Argent's arrival, he learns that Liam feels immense guilt for what he did that got him expelled from his previous school and that he can't let his parents see him like this because he's afraid he looks like a monster. Scott reassures him by flashing his red Alpha eyes and reminding him that he isn't a monster-- he's a Werewolf just like him. Using the record player in Lydia's grandmother's study, Lydia uses her clairaudience power to learn the first keyword to the computer code she wrote in a trance, which is "ALLISON." Upon typing in the password, Kira and Lydia decipher one-third of the code and discover that it is a hit-list of Beacon Hills' supernatural community, including Scott ($25 million), Lydia ($20 million), Kira ($6 milion), Derek ($15 million) and the Werewolf Violet killed earlier ($250,000), among many others, which the pack refers to as "the Deadpool."


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  • This episode marks the introduction of "The Benefactor" and the Deadpool hit-list of supernatural creatures after Lydia unlocks the first third of the list using Allison's name as the cipher key.
    • Lydia unconsciously wrote the code for the Deadpool in her math notes at some point prior to Muted, much like her unconscious drawing of the Nemeton in Season 3A, which was also mentioned by Lydia in this episode.
    • This also confirms that the Walcott Family of Wendigos, including Sean Walcott, were killed by The Mute in Muted because they were on the Deadpool list.
  • This episode also introduces several new characters, including Violet, the girlfriend and assassin partner of Garrett; Mason Hewitt, Liam Dunbar's best friend, and Demarco Montana, a Werewolf from an as-of-now mysterious pack who was killed by Violet.
  • Chris Argent appears in this episode. He was last seen in The Divine Move and was last mentioned in Muted.
  • Allison Argent was referenced in this episode when her name was used to unlock the first third of the Deadpool. She was last seen in Insatiable and last referenced in The Dark Moon.
  • Liam successfully transitioned into a Beta Werewolf after being accidentally bitten by Scott McCall in Muted.
  • Malia Tate finally learns control over her transformation on the full moon for the first time since she shifted back to her human form in More Bad Than Good.
  • It was revealed that Liam was expelled from Devenford Prep because he attacked his lacrosse coach's car with a crowbar and scratched "THIS IS YOUR FAULT" into the paint. His expulsion was first referenced in Muted, and it will be talked about in more detail in I.E.D..
  • Natalie Martin appears in this episode. She was last seen in Illuminated.
  • Following the theme of financial difficulty in this season, the Martin Family is revealed to have a great deal of credit card debt and needs to sell the lake house in order to get all the money they can out of it. They join the McCall Family, whose house is falling apart and who is having difficulty making ends meet (as revealed in 117 and explored more in Orphaned), and the Stilinski Family, who is drowning in bills from Stiles' time in Eichen House and the Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital (also revealed in 117).
  • Scott references Derek in a conversation with Liam, in which he says that "the bite is a gift." Derek told Scott the same thing in Wolf Moon on Scott's first full moon as a Werewolf.
  • Peter Hale references the Hale House Fire when Derek tells him he has to burn the Wolfsbane out of his wound from where The Mute hit him with his tomahawk. The fire was first mentioned in Wolf Moon and occurred six years prior to the pilot episode.
  • Stiles Stilinski references his time being possessed by the Nogitsune, who he refers to as a "very evil spirit." Stiles was possessed from Lunar Ellipse to De-Void in Season 3.
  • Lydia finds that the study in her grandmother's lake house is soundproof and contains a record player with a blank record that allows Lydia to use sound divination to find the cipher key to the Deadpool. This suggests that Lorraine Martin is a Banshee, which will eventually be confirmed in Perishable.
  • Derek is unable to smell the blood inside the school that was used as bait by The Mute, hinting to his future loss of powers, though this will not be confirmed until I.E.D..


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  • "Every Day" by Magic Man
    • Mason, Violet, and Garrett get off the bus and discuss their Friday night plans.
  • "The World's Made Up Of This And That (Fatboy Slim Mix)" by Deeds Plus Thoughts
    • Kira, trying to lure Liam to the lake house by using her vixen charms, falls down the stairs at school as Liam rushes over to help her.
  • "This Party" by Matt Young
    • Kira and Liam are driving to the lake house when Liam's enhanced hearing starts to kick in, making him uncomfortable and anxious.
  • "Hell Yeah!" by Tiësto & Showtek
    • A horde of freshman appear on the front steps of the lake house at Mason's invitation.
  • "Dub Drop" by Nifty Trick
    • Demarco Montana arrives at the lake house to deliver a keg of domestic beer.
  • "#Turn Down For What" by Megha Maan presents The Trap ft. Trophyy
    • Violet returns to the party after killing Demarco in the driveway.
  • "Alter Eagle" by Moon & Pollution
    • Mason searches for Liam upstairs and runs into Lydia, who is concerned about the party and the werewolves on the full moon.
  • "Us" by Movement
    • Scott and Kira slow-dance on the dock under the full moon, kissing and flirting with each other while Liam is knocked out.
  • "Do You Like What You See" by Lizi Kay
    • Kira rushes around the party looking for Lydia. Lydia cracks the first third of the Deadpool hit-list.