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[Argent and Gerard are slowly walking around the tunnels under the water treatment plant, where they have their guns out and are on guard as they look for the Beast. Gerard suddenly sees something on the pipes along the wall and stops to run his fingers across it. When he looks at his fingertips, he sees they're smudged with a black substance, and Argent frowns in confusion at the sight of it]

ARGENT: What is that?

[Gerard rubs his fingers together to get an idea of the consistency of the substance]

GERARD: You might call it a fingerprint...

[Argent, looking unnerved, clutches his .50AE Desert Eagle even tighter in his hand as he and his father continue making their way through the tunnels]

ARGENT: This isn't going to look like anything we've seen before, is it?
GERARD: Oh, there were a lot of descriptions of the Beast of Gévaudan-- everything from a red-furred giant wolf to a cloven-hoofed panther the size of a horse. But, my grandfather gave me a description that was a bit... stranger.
ARGENT: [sighs] How strange?
GERARD: He said the body was oil-black... Solid, but shapeless at the same time. Like a shadow pretending to be real.

[Argent, even more concerned about the threat of the Beast, puts his Desert Eagle in its holster and pulls out the double-barreled shotgun holstered on his other hip, which has a laser sight attached to the top, and which he cocks in anticipation of running into the Beast]

ARGENT: How do we stop it?
GERARD: [quietly] As far as legend goes, the only weapon that proved effective was a simple spear in the hands of a young woman...

[Argent's eyes widen in recognition]

ARGENT: The Maid of Gévaudan...
GERARD: [nods] Mmhmm.

[The two reached the end of the hallway, which splits off in two directions. They pause for a moment and share a knowing look before silently deciding to split up, with Argent taking the left hallway and Gerard turning right. Chris makes it a few meters down the hallway when he suddenly hears the tell-tale skittering noise that indicates the Dread Doctors are nearby, causing him to turn his head back toward the hallway Gerard took in order to focus his hearing on the sound. However, after a moment, Chris ultimately decies that Gerard can fend for himself and turns back to the front in order to head farther down the hall]

[Meanwhile, Gerard is heading down the other hallway, past the large round sewer drain in the wall, with his gun out in anticipation in case he runs into trouble. He frowns and narrows his eyes as he turns a corner, just in time to see the Surgeon and the Pathologist robotically walking toward him from the opposite direction. Gerard immediately reaches for his thigh holster and grabs an ultrasonic emitter, shoving the sharp end into the wall as he presses the button to emit a high-pitched noise. The noise seems to keep them from being able to use their powers, which causes Gerard to smirk smugly at them]

GERARD: That's right-- I know your frequency. And I also know you're down here for a reason. I wonder what that could be?

[Gerard walks away from the two Doctors, leaving them with the ultrasonic emitter]

[Down the other end of the hallways, Argent is slowly making his way through the tunnels, frowning uncomfortably when he hears a differing kind of clicking, skittering noise. He follows the sound to a sewer grate in the floor, where he kneels and attempts to look down into it. However, it's too dark to see anything other than a large number of beetles scurrying around on the ground, so he takes a flare from his inner jacket pocket and lights it before holding it toward the gate to get a better look. The light causes the beetles to scatter like cockroaches, and Argent seems to get a bad feeling as he drops the flare into the grate. His eyes widen in horror when he realizes that there are literally dozens of bodies laying at the bottom of the sewer sub-level, upon which the beetles seemed to have been feeding before being scared away]



[At least a dozen orderlies and nurses are wheeling stretchers with full body bags on them into the Beacon Memorial morgue while Sheriff Stilinski and his deputies supervise. Parrish looks absolutely devastated by the sight of the dozens of bodies coming through the hallway, and Sheriff, noticing Parrish's concern, walks over to try to snap him out of it. It's clear Sheriff is still healing from his injury from The Last Chimera, as he's limping painfully and walking with the aid of a cane]

SHERIFF: Parrish...

[Parrish is still too overwhelmed by the sight of the bodies to pay attention, and Sheriff raises his voice]

SHERIFF: Parrish, look at me.

[Parrish finally tears his eyes away from the scene in front of him and reluctantly meets Sheriff's gaze as the older man attempts to comfort him]

SHERIFF: I know what you're thinking-- the dream's coming true. It's not.
PARRISH: [incredulously] Sheriff, there's twenty-three bodies. Twenty-three of them!
SHERIFF: [nods] Which means you're going to go back to the station, and you're gonna go through every missing person's report for the past two weeks. That's what we do.

[Parrish still looks overwhelmed and wary, and Sheriff's tone of voice becomes stern]

SHERIFF: You got it, Parrish?

[Parrish nods nervously and walks away, and once he's out of earshot, Sheriff sighs. Just then, the elevator dings loudly, and Sheriff turns to see Scott, Kira, and Stiles running out of the elevator toward him to get an update. Like Parrish, they both stop in their tracks and stare in horror at the line of orderlies continuing to wheel the bodies found in the sewers into the morgue]

STILES: [grimly] Who found 'em?
SHERIFF: [sighs] Argent. And he said the Doctors were down there. He also said you guys might know what this thing is.

[Scott's expression looks equally grim in response to this news]

SCOTT: We've got a theory...

[Stiles makes a face as he turns to address his father]

STILES: It's a slightly terrifying theory...
SHERIFF: Well, the M.E. said that the victims were killed somewhere else and then dumped in those tunnels.

[Scott's eyes widen as he gets an idea]

SCOTT: Hey, what if the Dread Doctors are hiding the bodies?
KIRA: [confused] Why would they do that?
STILES: Maybe they're covering for it. Protecting it, like a parent would.

[Sheriff looks at them exhaustedly, and it's obvious that he doesn't even want to know the answer to his next question]

SHERIFF: ...Protecting what?

[Scott licks his lips anxiously as he and Kira share a worried look before turning back to the Sheriff]

SCOTT: A werewolf.
KIRA: It's called the Beast.

[When Sheriff makes a face at this news, Stiles shrugs in understanding]

STILES: We know. Horrifying.
SHERIFF: [sighs] We better figure out what we're gonna call Parrish... Because it looks like his dream is coming true.


[Meredith and Lydia are still hanging out in Lydia's mind through their Banshee connection, where Lydia has just shrieked in frustration before slamming her hands against the gate separating the general unit from the closed unit at Eichen House. When Lydia glowers at her in frustration, Meredith walks up to the gate separating them and gives her a stern look]

MEREDITH: I said "Use your hands." I didn't say "Punch the gate."
LYDIA: [groans] Well, it's all a little new to me, so don't hold back on specificity.

[Meredith sighs impatiently before explaining the concept of the Banshee wail as an offensive weapon for the audience's benefit]

MEREDITH: Your hands can guide your voice. They can help push it towards the target.

[She takes a step back away from the gate and nods at Lydia]

MEREDITH: Try again.

[Instead of giving it another go, Lydia simply looks at Meredith with an overwhelmed expression]

LYDIA: How did you learn?

[The question has clearly made Meredith uncomfortable enough that she avoids answering it]

MEREDITH: It doesn't matter. You have to find your own way.
LYDIA: [helplessly] What if your way works for me, too?

[Meredith, not wanting to get into her personal history, prevents Lydia from changing the subject, sounding frustrated]

MEREDITH: Lydia... find your way.

[Lydia once again groans in frustration and smacks her hands against the gate]

LYDIA: But none of this is even real! My body's lying in a room down the hall, staring at the ceiling.

[Meredith gives Lydia an exasperated look before opening her mouth and wailing at the top of her voice as she forcefully slams her hands against the gate. Her Banshee scream is so powerful that Lydia is thrown backward into the far wall in one of the cells before falling onto the floor. When Lydia glares at her, Meredith gives her a tiny smug smirk]

MEREDITH: Did that feel real?

[Before Lydia can respond, Meredith shuts the sliding glass door to the cell and locks it so Lydia can't get out, causing Lydia to look at her as though she's lost her mind]

LYDIA: What are you doing?

[Meredith shrugs nonchalantly]

MEREDITH: You want out? Break the glass.

[Lydia looks at Meredith with exasperation as she gets up off the floor and rushes toward the door that separates them]

LYDIA: It's not just glass! It's bullet-resistant polycarbonate.

[Meredith gives her a look that indicates she's not going to be accepting Lydia's excuses]

MEREDITH: So, make your voice a bullet. Break the glass.

[Lydia rolls her eyes and backs up away from the door as she glares at Meredith, who repeats her instructions]

MEREDITH: Break the glass.


[Malia has just met up with Theo in the boy's locker room at school, and she gapes at him incredulously when she sees him holding up one of the Dread Doctors' huge syringe guns]

MALIA: You're kidding, right?
THEO: [sighs] Look, I promised I'd help, and I will.

[Malia scoffs at him in disbelief and gestures toward the syringe]

MALIA: That's supposed to help me find Deaton?
THEO: No. Something in the Dread Doctors' operating theater is going to do that. I can take you there, but I can't let you see where it is.

[Malia continues to look at him as though he's insane]

MALIA: Ever hear of a blindfold?

[Theo rolls his eyes at her, clearly becoming impatient]

THEO: Not one that works on werecoyotes.

[Malia sighs defeatedly, still eyeing the syringe with a suspicious expression]

MALIA: What's in it?
THEO: Wolfsbane. The same kind they used on Liam. It won't last, and there's no permanent side effects.

[Malia continues to give him a look]

MALIA: Why should I trust you?
THEO: [shrugs] You shouldn't... But, you will, because the Desert Wolf could be here, and Scott's boss could already be dead. You want to give Scott the bad news? You want to tell him it's your fault Deaton's dead? Because you pretty much dared the Desert Wolf to come after you.

[Malia glares at him for insinuating that she could be responsible for Deaton's death before sighing and tilting her head to the side as a silent invitation for Theo to get it over with. Theo chuckles in amusement before beckoning her toward him]

THEO: You're gonna have to come closer than that.

[Malia takes a single step forward, and Theo gives her a look]

THEO: Closer.

[Malia sighs and walks so they're nearly nose to nose as Theo lifts up the syringe and prepares to give her the injection. He looks at Malia for confirmation, which he gets in the form of an impatient and expectant expression]

MALIA: [anxiously] Do it.

[Theo pushes the needle into Malia's neck and pulls the trigger to inject the wolfsbane into her system, which causes Malia so much pain that her eyes glow bright blue and her fangs extend before she roars loudly at the top of her voice]

[Meanwhile, Scott and Stiles are walking down the hallway and take note of all the Sheriff's deputies milling around with huge, sophisticated shotguns while they listen to an announcement over the P.A. system]

ANNOUNCEMENT: [on P.A. system] By order of the Sheriff, a county-wide curfew goes into effect tonight at sundown. All after-school activities are canceled until further notice. Students should go directly home at the end of the school day.

[When Scott and Stiles sees one of Sheriff's men, Deputy Strauss, holding one of the large shotguns, they walk over to him to talk to him about it]

STILES: You don't think this is a bit much in terms of firepower for a high school?

[Strauss seems to agree with Stiles, judging by his expression]

STRAUSS: Your dad's the one that issued us these things... and he wouldn't officially say why.

[This seems to pique the boys' interest, as well as concern them about how much Strauss knows regarding what has been going on in Beacon Hills]

STILES: Did he say anything unofficially?
STRAUSS: No... But everyone's got a theory.

[This vague answer only makes the boys more curious]

SCOTT: What's yours?

[Strauss, realizing that he's talking to a couple of teenagers, suddenly becomes hesitant to answer]

STRAUS: I shouldn't be talking to you guys. Don't you have class?

[Stiles groans in annoyance]

STILES: Come on, Strauss! What's your theory?

[Strauss makes sure that no one is looking at them talking before leaning forward and lowering his voice]

STRAUSS: ...Do you guys believe in the supernatural?

[Stiles and Scott both make the same surprised face before looking at each other in alarm]

[Over in MR. YUKIMURA'S CLASSROOM, Kira is standing in front of her father's desk, where Ken is holding Kira's sword-belt, which is currently in katana form. Kira looks extremely apprehensive about what they're about to do]

KIRA: Dad, are you sure about this? I mean, how am I supposed to help my friends if I can't fight?

[Ken gives Kira a look]

KEN: You still know how to fight.
KIRA: [sighs] But I'm better with a sword!
KEN: Then, as a teacher and a lover of history, maybe I can inspire you with a quote?
KIRA: [groans] Oh, God.
KEN: Napoleon said, "There are only two forces in the world: the sword, and the spirit. In the long run, the sword will always be conquered by the spirit."
KIRA: [sarcastically] I thought it was the spirit I was trying to conquer?

[Ken gives Kira an exasperated look]

KEN: Your spirit, Kira. You're still stronger than the Fox. Remember that.

[Kira looks devastated by what her father is about to do]

KIRA: But I'm useless without a weapon. I'm useless to my friends.
KEN: [kindly] You always have a weapon-- the most powerful weapon of all.

[Kira gives Ken a frustrated look]

KIRA: If you tap me on the forehead and say, "Your mind is your most powerful weapon," I'm going to scream.

[Ken once again gives Kira a stern look]

KEN: I wasn't going to tap you on the forehead. But... the sword is a gateway to the Fox. And the Fox is too dangerous.

[Ken picks up the sword, wrapping his hands around the grip as he gives Kira one last piece of reassurance]

KEN: Your mind is a weapon, Kira. Trust yourself. You can outfox the Fox.

[Ken takes a deep breath before twisting the grip of the sword with both hands in opposite directions, causing the katana blade to shatter into individual pieces. Kira gasps in shock when the pieces clatter onto the desktop, her sword now unusable]


[Malia has just awakened at the operating theater to find herself strapped down to the Dread Doctors' exam table. When she sees Theo standing by the table nearby, she immediately loses her temper with him]

MALIA: What the hell's this???

[Theo smirks in amusement at her unhappiness]

THEO: Safety first.

[Malia gives him a scathing look before he continues]

THEO: I said I'd help you find the Desert Wolf. I didn't say it was gonna be easy. The restraints are to keep you from hurting yourself... Or me.

[Malia continues to glare at him as he picks up an antique-looking pair of goggles, which are in the style of the rest of the Dread Doctors' equipment. They look perfectly innocuous until Theo twists the outside of the goggles that causes a row of spikes around the inside of each goggle to pop out, which causes Malia to yelp at him in exasperation and frustration]

MALIA: Oh, come on!
THEO: This is what the Dread Doctors used to keep track of the Chimeras. It seeks out and hones in on a certain frequency. They gave the Chimeras their own unique vibration.
MALIA: [scoffs] So, how is that going to help me find Deaton?
THEO: It won't. It's going to help you find a werecoyote.

[Malia's eyes widen in surprise when she realizes what he's talking about]

MALIA: My mother.

[Theo nods in confirmation]

THEO: Because supernatural creatures also have their own frequency.

[Theo pauses, and Malia stares at him expectantly before speaking up in an annoyed tone]

MALIA: What, are you going to teach me physics, or are you going to put your little torture device on my head and get this thing started?

[Theo shrugs and walks toward her with the goggles before giving her instructions on how to use them]

THEO: You have to concentrate on exactly who you want to find. You have to make a connection to a memory of her.

[Malia growls in frustration at this remark]

MALIA: I don't remember a thing about her!
THEO: [impatiently] Think about the crash. Think about the gun firing at the car. Anything that brings you back.

[Theo takes a deep breath before reaching out to put the goggles on Malia's face]

THEO: This is gonna hurt.
MALIA: [annoyed] I don't care.

[Theo shrugs as if to say, "If you say so," before putting the goggles on Malia's face, sliding the strap around the back of her head. Once they're secured, he turns the dial that causes the spikes to pop out and bury themselves in the soft flesh around Malia's eyes, which causes Malia so much pain that she roars in agony and squeezes her eyes shut]

THEO: Don't close your eyes. Keep them open.
MALIA: [whimpers] I can't. It hurts!
THEO: [frustrated] Open them. Malia, open your eyes!

[Malia finally fights through the pain enough to open her eyes, causing her to get a vision of the Desert Wolf and Deaton in a large storage facility of some kind. The Desert Wolf is binding Deaton to a chair in the facility, where he's desperately pleading with her to listen to him]

DEATON: The full moon. I'm telling you... It has to be the full moon...

[When Malia snaps out of the vision, the pain from the goggles and the excitement of learning where her mother is gives her the strength to break through her restraints and jerk forward. She rips the goggles off of her face, revealing the bloody marks under her eyes that are able to start to heal once the spikes are removed, and she pants for breath as she recovers from what she's just been through]

MALIA: [gasps] I know where she is. She's here. She's in Beacon Hills.


[Liam is in the boy's locker room, where he has just changed into his school clothes, when Malia, now fully healed from the goggles, walks in like she owns the place, completely ignoring all the stares of the other teenage boys who are in various states of undressed. She makes a beeline for Liam, who seems surprised to see her, and wastes no time in getting straight to the point]

MALIA: I need you to tell Scott something for me.

[Liam looks both surprised by this request, and also nervous at the thought of actually talking to Scott, which he hasn't done since he warned Scott about Theo seeking out Deucalion in Codominance]

LIAM: Yeah? Uh... why me?

[Malia gives him a look as though the answer should be obvious and responds in an annoyed tone]

MALIA: Because I can't right now. You gonna do it, or not?
LIAM: [hesitantly] Uh, he's not really talking to me...

[Malia makes a face at him as he continues talking]

LIAM: You should get someone else... Literally. Anyone else.

[Malia sighs in annoyance and ignores this request as the school bell rings]

MALIA: Just tell him he was right about the tunnels. Just tell him that, okay?

[Liam frowns in confusion]

LIAM: What do you mean?
MALIA: When we were down there looking for you and Hayden, we didn't know it yet, but we were a lot closer than we thought. There's an operating theater down there-- down in the tunnels.
LIAM: [confused] How do you know?
MALIA: [sighs] Mostly by scent. Just tell him, okay? Tell Scott he was right.

[Malia takes off without another word, leaving Liam conflicted about what he should do]


[Malia, Braeden, and Theo are in the exam room of the clinic, where Braeden and Malia are examining some photos of Fort Jewett. Braeden doesn't look at all thrilled about this plan, which does not escape Malia's notice]

MALIA: What's the problem?
BRAEDEN: [sarcastically] Besides the fact that I've never seen this place beyond a few aerial photos, and we're basically going in blind?

[Braeden turns away from Malia and turns toward Theo, who is leaning against the wall across the room. She aims her shotgun at him as she glares at him with loathing]


[Theo maintains a calm demeanor and looks at Braeden with a neutral expression]

THEO: Would you mind not pointing that thing at me?

[Braeden continues to aim her gun at him, and Malia sighs in exasperation]

MALIA: He's coming with us.

[Braeden's attention is still focused on Theo, who looks mildly amused by this argument]

BRAEDEN: He tried to kill Scott!

[Theo smirks smugly at this statement]

THEO: Technically, I did kill Scott.

[Braeden's glare becomes even more mutinous as she aims the gun closer to him]

BRAEDEN: I should kill you!

[Theo rolls his eyes at this threat]

THEO: Won't happen with a shotgun.

[Malia sighs impatiently and glances between Braeden and Theo in order to mediate]

MALIA: Stop. Both of you.
THEO: I did what I had to do to survive. The Dread Doctors wanted everybody dead. I convinced them that it could just be Scott.

[Braeden finally lowers her weapon and looks at Malia]

BRAEDEN: You could still tell Scott...

[Malia shakes her head in disagreement]

MALIA: When we have Deaton back.
BRAEDEN: [scoffs] He's not going to blame you for the Desert Wolf taking him.
MALIA: But he might stop me from killing her. Theo won't.

[Theo once again smirks in amusement]

THEO: Actually, I'm planning to help.

[Braeden rolls her eyes as she turns to address Theo]

BRAEDEN: Don't be so confident. She's known to carry pretty heavy firepower.

[Theo frowns in confusion]

THEO: But what do werecoyotes need with guns?
BRAEDEN: [sighs] There's a story... I don't know all the details, but something happened a long time ago. Somehow, she lost part of her power. She's not as fast or as strong as she used to be. But, she can still pull a trigger, and she's a perfect shot.

[This seems to make Malia and Theo slightly nervous, but after a long moment of awkward silence, Malia finally speaks up, turning to look at the still-uneasy Braeden]

MALIA: The sun's going down. We need to go. Are you coming, or not?

[Braeden gives Malia an exasperated look, clearly torn between helping her friend/taking down the Desert Wolf after hunting her for so long and her reservations about how dangerous this mission is going to be. After a moment, she nods before grabbing her shotgun cartridges and putting them in her pocket as she follows Malia out of the clinic]


[Liam is currently walking around the tunnels in search for the Dread Doctors' operating theater, having apparently decided to find it himself rather than pass Scott Malia's message as she requested. He turns a corner and stops, seemingly unnerved by the sound of water dripping from the pipes above him, before taking a deep breath and resumes his search through the tunnels]

[After a moment, his phone buzzes, and he pulls it out of his jeans pocket to find that he's received a text from Hayden that reads, "Come over tonight?" Liam smiles weakly and stares at his phone as he passes the cobweb-covered ouroboros symbol on the wall in the corridor through which he's walking. He turns another corner as he puts his phone back into his pocket, and he pauses again when he realizes that he's lost track of where he's going. He slowly turns in a circle to try to get an idea of where he is before sighing and rubbing his forehead with his fingertips in frustration. He's about to turn another corner when he pauses, sensing something nearby. He quickly peers around the corner and is startled to see someone standing on the other side, though his fear passes when he realizes that it's Scott, who gives him a sheepish smile]

SCOTT: You lost?

[Liam, still shocked to see his Alpha in front of him, hesitates for a moment before nodding bashfully]

LIAM: ...Completely.

[Liam suddenly frowns in confusion when the fact that Scott has just found him hits him]

LIAM: How did you know I was down here?

[Scott looks equally bashful and hesitates before he replies]

SCOTT: I followed you.

[Liam seems surprised, but not upset, about this answer]

LIAM: Why are you following me?

[Scott pauses for a moment before he speaks, dodging the question instead of answering it]

SCOTT: Why are you down here?
LIAM: [sighs] I'm just trying to figure out if this is where they took us. Me and Hayden. Malia said she was down here, too-- that the scent was the same. She said you were right.

[Scott seems genuinely comforted by this answer, and he smiles kindly at Liam before awkwardly changing the subject]

SCOTT: Uh, there's a turn you keep passing. It's easy to miss.

[Liam makes a face at Scott, though he seems happy that Scott still cares about him after everything that has happened]

LIAM: How many times did you watch me pass it?

[Scott awkwardly shuffles his feet, slightly embarrassed by his Derek-like stalking]

SCOTT: Five.

[Liam is briefly taken aback before making another face and nodding in agreement, and Scott pats him on the shoulder before gesturing for Liam to follow him]

SCOTT: Come on. Let's see if we can find it together.

[Scott and Liam head down the adjacent hall in order to continue their search for the operating theater]


[Braeden, Malia, and Theo have just arrived outside of the army base where the Desert Wolf is holding Deaton hostage. Braeden is looking at the entrance to the facility with night-vision binoculars as they try to figure out how to proceed]

BRAEDEN: No guards. No lights. This place looks completely abandoned.
MALIA: That should be easier for us, right?
BRAEDEN: [grimly] Not necessarily. Especially if she knows we're coming. You're sure this is the place you saw?
MALIA: Unless there's another Fort Jewett...
THEO: [nervously] Maybe she left. Maybe Deaton's already gone.

[Malia stubbornly shakes her head]

MALIA: I'm not walking away on a maybe.
BRAEDEN: [frustrated] And I'm not walking in on so much uncertainty.

[Malia gives Braeden an exasperated look]

MALIA: You said you've been after her for years.

[Braeden gives her a stern look]

BRAEDEN: And why do you think it's been years? Because she knows what she's doing.

[When Malia sighs impatiently, Braeden tries to reason with her]

BRAEDEN: She took Scott's boss for a reason. We don't know what that is. We don't know if she's back in Beacon Hills because she missed you all this time and can't wait for a mother-daughter reunion, or if she's planning to put a bullet in your head. We don't know anything.
MALIA: [sighs] We know one thing-- we know where she is. I'm going in. I have to.

[Malia gives Braeden and Theo a look before she sets off toward the Army base, and Braeden sighs before reluctantly following after her, causing Theo to do the same]


[Inside Lydia's mind, Lydia is getting extremely exhausted, and is panting for breath as she desperately looks through the glass of her cell at Meredith]

LYDIA: Meredith, please. Tell me how you did it.

[Meredith starts to become anxious and overwhelmed as well, and shakes her head no to emphasize her point]

MEREDITH: You have to find your own way.

[Lydia looks at Meredith tiredly]

LYDIA: Why can't you tell me yours?

[Meredith, looking pained, takes a deep breath before she speaks]

MEREDITH: Because... my way got people hurt.

[Lydia's expression becomes sympathetic, and Meredith hesitates before telling her story]

MEREDITH: Some days, it was quiet for me. Other days, all I could hear was screaming... People dying.
LYDIA: [gently] What people?
MEREDITH: Everyone. Everywhere. I was in chemistry class when it happened. I had my hands over my ears. The teacher was trying to figure out what was wrong. I took my hands, and I started hitting the desk... until I couldn't take it anymore, and I just screamed.

[Lydia looks heartbroken on Meredith's behalf as she looks at her friend with an empathetic expression, knowing very well what those feelings are like]

LYDIA: What happened?
MEREDITH: [sighs] All the windows shattered. I saw kids with glass in their arms... in their faces... Some of them had blood coming out of their ears. They said it was an explosion caused by chemicals... But everyone knew it was me.

[Meredith takes a moment before she metaphorically picks herself up and gets back to the task at hand, giving Lydia a powerful stare]

MEREDITH: Find a better way, Lydia. My voice is like a bomb going off. Yours needs to be a bullet.

[Suddenly, Lydia hears the sound of a shotgun cocking and freezes, looking at Meredith with wide eyes for a moment before she nervously responds]

LYDIA: Did you hear that?

[Meredith gulps nervously and looks past Lydia with an almost imperceptible nod. Lydia turns to follow Meredith's line of sight and is horrified when finds what appears to be Malia's coyote den outside of the far glass wall of her cell, where Malia is cowering and whimpering in fear as her back slides down the wall toward the floor. When Lydia sees her, she immediately rushes toward where Malia is hiding and starts to shout at her friend, though they are separated by a wall of the same bulletproof glass as the door]

LYDIA: Malia? Malia!

[Lydia pounds on the glass with her palms and watches in horror as a shadowy figure holding a shotgun slowly walks toward Malia, causing her to become even more frightened as she tries to crawl backward away from the person. When the figure moves out of the shadows, Malia's aggressor is quickly revealed to be the Desert Wolf. Lydia desperately turns back to Meredith for answers]

LYDIA: Is this real? Or is it in my head?
MEREDITH: [grimly] I think you know what a Banshee premonition feels like.

[Lydia's head snaps back toward the premonition at the sound of a gunshot, and becomes even more desperate when she sees just how terrified Malia is by the sight of her mother coming toward her with her gun]

LYDIA: [numbly] She's going to die!


[Meanwhile, Stiles has just arrived to Eichen House to visit Lydia in her room. He's sitting next to her bed, holding her hand and talking to her as her catatonic body continues to stare lifelessly at the ceiling]

STILES: [gently] Your teachers, uh... gave us some of the stuff you guys have been working on. They wanted us to hold onto it for you. I saw something about the, uh, Riemann hypothesis... Um, things like non-trivial zeroes, zeta functions, and a lot of other stuff that goes totally over my head.

[Stiles chuckles sadly under his breath]

STILES: Maybe you can wake up and explain it to me?

[Stiles pauses for a long moment, hoping that somehow, Lydia will wake up, but when she doesn't, he sighs in frustration]

STILES: Oh, come on, Lydia.

[Stiles takes a deep breath and squeezes her hand]

STILES: You have to come back to us. There's no way we're getting through this without you. Lydia, you have to wake up.

[Just then, a very unhappy-looking Natalie Martin appears in the doorway and gives Stiles a displeased look]

NATALIE: I think that's enough.

[Stiles sighs in frustration once again and stands up, but he's completely distracted when he sees a small bald patch on Lydia's head where her hair has been shaved, and Natalie rolls her eyes in annoyance at his hesitation]

NATALIE: Stiles--
STILES: Wait a second...

[Stiles walks back over to where Lydia is laying and moves a lock of her hair aside so she can get a better look at the small shaved patch of scalp on the side of Lydia's head above her ear]

STILES: What is this? What are they doing?
NATALIE: [impatiently] All right, you need to go.

[Despite Natalie's protests, Stiles plants his feet and refuses to move, instead pointing at the small patch on her head]

STILES: Look at it! Did you--

[When Natalie doesn't look surprised by this revelation, Stiles glares at her, clearly appalled by this revelation. His previous experience with Eichen House causes his mind to immediately go to the worst case scenario about what this means for Lydia]

STILES: Did you know about this? What are they gonna do? Drill a hole in her head?

[Natalie looks at Stiles, horrified by this assumption]

NATALIE: Are you crazy? It's for ECT. Electroconvulsive therapy. They shave small portions of the scalp. It's done under general anesthesia and it's perfectly safe.

[Stiles doesn't look convinced, and Natalie gives him a look before pointing at Lydia, who is still laying completely still on the bed with her eyes pointed at the ceiling]

NATALIE: Look at her, Stiles. She's my daughter. You don't think I'm trying everything I can to bring her back?

[Stiles, who has been a patient at Eichen before and knows that there's more to this situation than Natalie even realizes, immediately begins to protest against what she's saying]

STILES: No, no, no, that's not ECT--

[Just then, Nurse Cross overhears the commotion in the room and comes in to check on them]

NURSE CROSS: Is everything all right in here?
NATALIE: It's fine. Our guest is just leaving.

[Stiles gives her a look that says he definitely does not think everything is fine, but Natalie's scathing look instantly keeps him from responding]

NATALIE: Stiles, go. Or you're not coming back.

[Stiles sighs and hesitates for a moment before he finally leaves, with Natalie leaving shortly afterward. Nurse Cross then turns to Lydia with an annoyed look on her face]

NURSE CROSS: All right, Lydia. Time for your shower.

[Nurse Cross walks toward Lydia to help her up]

[Out in the hallway, Stiles is walking out of the closed unit when he bumps into two grumpy-looking male orderlies who are walking past him]

STILES: [mutters] Sorry.

[The orderlies barely pay him any attention and continue on their way, not realizing that Stiles has snagged one of their key cards to the various locks to the general and closed unit gates. He quickly pockets the card just as one of the security guards uses his own card to open the door so he can leave]


[Scott and Liam are still journeying through the tunnels and sewers in an attempt to find the Dread Doctors' operating theater. Suddenly, they sense something strange that makes them stop in their tracks, and Scott holds his hands flat and parallel to the ground as though he feels something in the air]

SCOTT: Do you feel that?

[Liam frowns and looks around the tunnel before turning back to Scott and nodding]

LIAM: Like something's vibrating.

[Scott continues to hold out his hands and frowns in frustration]

SCOTT: I can't tell where it's coming from.

[Liam crouches down and puts his fingers against the ground, which is vibrating as well. He looks up at Scott with a surprised look on his face]

LIAM: It's coming from everywhere.

[Scott continues to look around to try to find the source of the vibrations, and Liam, still overwhelmed with guilt about what happened in Status Asthmaticus, sighs and looks down at the floor]

LIAM: [quietly] I was just trying to do something right...

[Scott, surprised by this change in subject, looks at him with a kind expression]

SCOTT: You do a lot right.
LIAM: [scoffs] Yeah, but I did one thing really wrong.

[Scott sighs and hesitates for a moment, visibly unsure of what to say and somewhat pained by the reminder of his death and Liam's role in what led to it]

SCOTT: Hayden's alive. Everything before that doesn't matter.
LIAM: It should.

[Liam sighs as he struggles to find the words]

LIAM: I feel like I have to do more than just say sorry.

[Scott makes a somewhat amused face at this remark]

SCOTT: Actually, you still haven't done that...

[Liam huffs a small laugh before beginning to tell Scott a story]

LIAM: Back at my old school, at Devenford... I got into a fight with this kid. I knocked two of his teeth out. They made me write a letter of apology. We both knew it meant nothing. We both knew that, sooner or later, we were gonna get into another fight.

[Liam sighs again before looking Scott straight in the eyes with a serious expression]

LIAM: I can't just say I'm sorry. I feel like I have to do something. Like... maybe, somehow, I have to save your life.

[Scott seems touched by this unconventional apology from Liam and crouches down next to him so that they're both at eye-level before he smiles at him]

SCOTT: Don't worry-- I'm pretty sure you'll get a chance.

[Liam scoffs as he and Scott stand back up and look around the tunnels]

LIAM: Well, not down here. We've been walking around for hours, and all we've been able to find is some stupid snake sculpture on the wall.

[Scott frowns at this remark and looks at the snake sculpture in question, the dusty ouroboros symbol on the wall that he, Malia, and Mason passed in the episode of the same name. When Scott walks over to get a better look at it, Liam makes a confused face]

LIAM: You think it's important?

[Scott runs his fingers across the round symbol as Liam walks up behind him to get a closer look as well. They are both surprised when Scott turns the snake with both hands like a large doorknob, which causes a mechanical grinding noise to be heard as a hidden door reveals itself several feet down the tunnel. The two share a confused and intrigued look before they walk down toward it, with Scott sliding the door open]

[However, they both freeze in shock when they walk inside to find Argent aiming a gun at them, expecting them to be the Dread Doctors. They three of them gasp in shock before Argent sighs and lowers his weapon, putting it back in its holster. Scott and Liam both sigh in relief as they make their way further into the room, but when Scott catches a familiar scent in the air, his eyes narrow as he looks at Argent incredulously]

SCOTT: [sighs] You didn't.

[Argent gives him a look that says he's just as unhappy about it as Scott is, just as Gerard saunters into the room with a smug smirk on his face]

GERARD: Hello, Scott.

[Scott's eyes immediately flash red in warning, and Gerard looks genuinely surprised at the sight of Scott's recent ascension to True Alpha. Meanwhile, Liam scowls at Gerard, clearly confused as to why Scott is so on edge around him and assuming he must be bad news]

GERARD: I haven't seen that color on you.

[He pauses for a long moment before smiling weakly at Scott]

GERARD: It suits you.

[There is an awkward silence before Liam finally speaks up, though he continues to eye Gerard warily]

LIAM: Who's the old guy?

[This comment makes Gerard chuckle]

GERARD: Uh, at the moment... they would call me a "necessary evil." But you can call me Gerard.

[Scott gives Argent an exasperated and incredulous look]

SCOTT: What were you thinking??
ARGENT: [sighs] That we need him.

[Gerard continues to smirk smugly, clearly enjoying the drama his return to the fold has caused]

GERARD: He's right. If you want to catch a werewolf like the Beast of Gévaudan, you're going to need more than one Argent.

[Scott continues to give Argent a look, but Argent mainly just looks exhausted as he walks toward Scott to look him in the eye]

ARGENT: He knows all the stories. All the folklore. Everything written, and everything passed down.
SCOTT: [sighs] And you're sure about this?
ARGENT: [shrugs] Take a look.

[Scott turns back to give Liam a nervous look as Argent leads the three of them into the next room, where the fresco behind the broken wall that the Dread Doctors revealed in Status Asthmaticus is located. They all stare at the painting, with Scott and Liam looking shocked at the sight of it while they try to figure out what it means]

ARGENT: The one on the right is the Beast of Gévaudan. Do you know what the other one is?

[Liam looks anxious as he turns toward Scott, who shakes his head, clearly not looking forward to finding out what the fiery creature is. Gerard answers the question for their benefit]

GERARD: The Hellhound. The guardian of supernatural places. They're both creatures of the night, but you may know them as ordinary people during the day.
ARGENT: And, most likely, neither of them know what they are.

[Scott and Liam's eyes widen in surprise as they turn and share a knowing look, which does not escape Argent and Gerard's notice]

ARGENT: What is it?
SCOTT: We found a message in Latin...

[Scott sighs nervously]

SCOTT: Damnatio memoriae.

[Argent, stunned by this revelation, turns to Gerard, who looks intrigued by this new information]

GERARD: They want it to remember itself.

[Argent, still shocked, thinks about this for a moment before he speaks]

ARGENT: That might give us time.
LIAM: [impatiently] Time for what?
ARGENT: To prevent this.

[Argent walks toward the fresco and presses his palms against the painting to brace himself as he kicks at the tile wall still covering the bottom of the painting with his boots. The tiles break and crumble onto the floor as Argent continues to kick it until the rest of the fresco is finally exposed, revealing that the Beast and the Hellhound are fighting over a huge pile of bodies. Scott looks horrified as he walks toward the painting to get a closer look, but Liam just looks confused]

LIAM: Who are they?
SCOTT: [anxiously] Us. It's all of us.


[Malia, Braeden, and Theo are quietly sneaking around a large room in the Army base, which is full of military vehicles, in an attempt to find the Desert Wolf. After a moment, Malia catches a scent and stops in her tracks, frowning as she tries to interpret it]

MALIA: [whispers] There's something wrong.

[Theo gets a somewhat cagey look on his face, but Braeden is too concerned about Malia's observations to notice]

BRAEDEN: Is it a scent?

[Malia shakes her head no, but she seems to have a better idea of what she's sensing than she is letting on]

MALIA: I don't know.

[The three continue to slip around one of the armored trucks in a single-file line, with Malia leading them and Theo bringing up the rear. When they round the corner, they're all shocked to find Deaton, whose wrists and ankles are tightly bound to the chair in which he's sitting, located under a bright fluorescent light just in front of the back wall. His mouth is covered with black duct tape, and he looks panicked by the sight of them]

[Something in Deaton's eyes causes Braeden to realize that this is a trap, and she immediately spins on her heel with her gun aimed at Theo, but he grabs the barrel with one hand and blocks her kick with the other. He then uses the same free hand to grab her in a choke-hold and slam her onto the ground, taking her gun and using the butt of it to knock her out by slamming it against her temple]

[He then turns back to Malia, who is growling at him ferociously out of anger and betrayal, before he aims the shotgun at her and fires a shot right in her abdomen. Malia doubles over in pain and clutches her stomach where the buckshot pieces have lodged themselves, groaning in pain as she backs away from him]

MALIA: Ugh! Ungh...

[Malia stumbles backward and ultimately falls on her rear right in front of one of the armored vehicles as she continues clutching her bleeding abdomen]

THEO: It was me, wasn't it?

[Theo lowers the gun and walks toward her with a guilty expression on his face, though he keeps it in his right hand]

THEO: You picked up a chemosignal. Probably regret... Because I didn't really want to do this. But I didn't have a choice.

[Theo throws the gun aside, sliding it across the floor where a foot clad in a dirty black pair of combat boots steps on it. Malia, still gasping and groaning in pain, is horrified to see the Desert Wolf standing across from her with the shotgun still wedged under her foot and a familiar jar in her hands]

[The Desert Wolf hesitates for a moment before tossing the jar to Theo, who catches it easily and holds it up in the air, revealing that it is the jar of Deaton's that contained Belasko's talons. Theo's eyes glow gold as he smirks at the sight of the talons, which glow blue in his hands, before giving Malia a look]

THEO: You should have listened to Braeden.

[Theo, having gotten what he came for, leaves with the jar of Garuda talons, leaving the incapacitated Malia with the Desert Wolf, who still has Braeden's gun. All the while, Deaton remains restrained in the chair against the far wall, and Braeden is still unconscious on the floor where Theo knocked her out. Malia, now terrified, looks at her mother in horror as she smirks at her evilly]


[Down in the basement armory of Argent's apartment, Argent and Gerard have summoned Parrish to talk to them about his recently-revealed supernatural nature. Parrish is in the middle of answering the Argents' questions about his life when the scene begins]

PARRISH: I was part of an EOD team in Afghanistan. Explosive Ordinance Disposal. We handled IEDs.
ARGENT: And what about before that?

[Parrish shrugs, unsure of where they are going with this line of questioning]

PARRISH: High school.

[Gerard opens an old bestiary to a page with a monstrous-looking canine creature near a tree, where the remains of a dismembered body lay at the roots. Parrish frowns in confusion at the sight of it]

PARRISH: What's that supposed to be? A werewolf?
GERARD: No. It's called a Hellhound.

[Parrish looks at the page for a moment before looking up at Argent and Gerard, both of whom are watching him curiously. Their interest seems to be making Parrish nervous, especially when he sees that a small mirror on a stand has been placed on the table next to the book and catches his reflection in it. After an awkward silence, Argent finally speaks up again]

ARGENT: What else do you remember from Afghanistan?

[Parrish is starting to look more anxious as he's suddenly transported into a FLASHBACK TO AFGHANISTAN in FALL 2011. In the flashback, Parrish, who is wearing his Army uniform, helmet, and bomb disposal gear, is kneeling in front of an improvised explosive device (IED). He's clearly on edge, as beads of sweat are running down his face due to the heat and the pressure he's under to disarm the bomb safely. Suddenly, the flashback cuts to some time later, where Parrish, now covered in soot and blood, walks through the desert as though in a daze, wearing only the tattered remains of his uniform pants, which have been burned and blackened as though the bomb he was working on had exploded on him. The scene then cuts back just to when Parrish cut the wire to the bomb before the flashback ends]

[In the PRESENT DAY, Gerard has just picked up a large blowtorch, and smirks as he walks toward Parrish with it in his hands, causing Parrish's anxiety to turn into full-blown fear]

GERARD: You said you came to Beacon Hills because you felt drawn here.

[In FLASHBACKS TO AFGHANISTAN, FALL 2011, there is a brief cut to the soot-covered Parrish walking through the desert in the burned remains of his uniform before then cutting to earlier in the day, when Parrish had uncovered the IED in the sand. A bead of sweat rolls from his forehead to his chin as he takes out his wire-cutters and prepares to snip the wire to the bomb he has just found]

[In the PRESENT DAY, Gerard continues to walk toward Parrish with the blowtorch as he explains his theory as to Parrish's supernatural identity]

GERARD: You hid the bodies of the Chimeras.

[Parrish's breathing quickens in fear as Argent moves behind him]

ARGENT: You've got a resistance to fire.

[The scene cuts to a FLASHBACK to PERISHABLE, where Deputy Haigh lights his Zippo lighter and tosses it through the open window to Parrish's cruiser, where he has been zip-tied to the steering wheel and covered in gasoline. The lighter causes his entire body to burst into flames upon contact with the gasoline, and Parrish screams in terror as the fire consumes his cruiser]


[The scene cuts back to the FLASHBACKS IN AFGHANISTAN, where Parrish is just about to snip the wire on the right side of the IED as two of his fellow soldiers, armed with assault rifles, run away from him as fast as possible. Parrish cuts the wire, and the IED blows up in his face, causing the scene to go white]

[In the PRESENT DAY, Gerard has just lit the blowtorch and approaches Parrish]

GERARD: We're wondering... Just how flame-retardant are you, Deputy?

[Parrish's breathing quickens even further as Gerard aims the flame toward him, and before he can move, Argent grabs him by the arms and pins his wrists behind his back so he can't run away, though it doesn't stop Parrish from struggling against his grip]

PARRISH: [panicked] What the hell are you doing?

[Gerard says nothing and simply smirks as he grabs Parrish by the face to hold him steady as he pushes the lit end of the blowtorch toward Parrish's left eyeball, watching with interest as his iris glows reddish-orange with flames. Parrish then instinctively shifts into his partial Hellhound form, with his eyes glowing brightly and his teeth and fingernails extending into claws and fangs]

[With this partial transformation, Parrish roars loudly and uses his super-strength to break out of Argent's grip, which seems to satisfy Gerard enough to back away from him. This transformation seems to have taken a lot out of Parrish, who is panting heavily as he catches sight of his supernatural form in the mirror on the table, startling him so much that he blinks the orange out of his eyes, causing his fangs and claws to recede. Gerard is beaming with pride that he correctly deduced what Parrish was, while Argent, who actually knows Parrish as a person, seems shocked that his father was right about his supernatural identity. After a moment, Parrish finally speaks in an incredulous voice]

PARRISH: Hellhound???

[Argent shrugs as if to say, "I guess so!" before Parrish turns to Gerard with an appalled expression]

PARRISH: And what if you were wrong??? Would you have burned my eye out?

[Gerard smirks smugly]


[Parrish looks at the older man as though he's insane before turning back to Argent in exasperation]

PARRISH: This guy's your father?

[Argent shrugs again before responding]

ARGENT: Wasn't my choice.


[In the WOMEN'S BATHROOM, Lydia is standing motionless and silent under the shower head as steamy hot water streams over her naked body. Behind her, Nurse Cross is supervising and looks annoyed by Lydia's very existence as she holds a folded towel over her arm]

NURSE CROSS: All right, you've had long enough. Let's go.

[When Lydia doesn't move or respond, Nurse Cross walks closer to her to get her attention]

NURSE CROSS: [rudely] I'm not buying the catatonic act. I know you can hear me.

[Nurse Cross loses her temper and darts toward Lydia to grab her by the arm]

[In LYDIA'S MINDSPACE, Lydia's eyes widen in horror as she spins around the cell where she is still locked up by Meredith. The fluorescent lights around her flicker and flash as Meredith looks at her with a stern, but supportive look, coaching her through the Banshee premonition and what she needs to do to save Malia]

MEREDITH: Don't get lost, Lydia.

[Lydia spins at the sound of Meredith's voice and turns to face her, her eyes filling with tears of frustration and fear]

MEREDITH: You can help them, but you have to get out of here first.
LYDIA: [panicked] She's in trouble. I think it's happening now.

[Lydia hears Malia scream in agony before hearing the Desert Wolf talking to Malia at FORT JEWETT in voiceover. Malia is still on the floor of the Army base, crying out in pain as she clutches her stomach. All the while, the Desert Wolf circles around her in a predatory fashion]

DESERT WOLF: You know, your real name isn't Malia...

[Back in LYDIA'S HEADSPACE, Lydia's eyes widen in horror as she gasps and looks at Meredith fearfully]

LYDIA: [horrified] Oh, God. She found her.

[At FORT JEWETT, the Desert Wolf is taunting Malia, who is still recovering from her gunshot, while Deaton desperately struggles against his restraints to try to help Malia. The Desert Wolf grabs Malia in a choke-hold and squeezes her throat tightly, causing Malia to gasp and choke for breath]

DESERT WOLF: You don't have a name. Talia Hale took you away from me before I could give you one.

[The Desert Wolf rears her hand back, still gripping Braeden's shotgun, and slams the butt of it in the center of Malia's forehead with such force that she's thrown flat on her back. Deaton looks horrified and desperate as he continues to fight to break out of his restraints as the Desert Wolf throws the gun aside and stands to her feet]

DESERT WOLF: What you do have is power-- strength, speed, and the capacity to heal. You know where you got it from, Malia?

[The Desert Wolf slams her boot-clad foot into Malia's stomach where Theo shot her and grinds her heel deep into her abdomen as she sneers at her daughter]

DESERT WOLF: You know who you stole it from? Me.

[The Desert Wolf grinds her heel even deeper into Malia's stomach and smirks when Malia screams in pain. Meanwhile, Deaton has managed to move forward enough that he can use his restrained hands to remove his gag while she continues to torture the young werecoyote]

DESERT WOLF: Tell me when it hurts. Tell me when it really hurts.

[The Desert Wolf quickly pulls her foot off of Malia and kneels next to her, pulling Malia into a seated position by the front of her shirt and rearing her free hand back as she extends her claws and prepares to kill Malia. Malia, realizing she's too weakened to fight back at the moment, closes her eyes and prepares for death. Before the Desert Wolf can do anything, Deaton finally rips off his gag and yells out at her, causing her to freeze in place]

DEATON: Corinne! You can't get it back like this. It has to be a full moon. You kill her now, and you get nothing.

[The Desert Wolf looks back and forth between Deaton and Malia, the latter of whom is still gasping for breath. The Desert Wolf is visibly unsure of what to believe-- it's clear that she wants to disregard Deaton's warning, but she also doesn't want to risk losing Malia's power forever as well]

[In LYDIA'S MINDSPACE, Lydia and Meredith are still getting information about Malia's current situation, and the force of the premonition combined with Lydia's desperation to save her causes Lydia to fall to her knees in the cell and clutch her head with both hands. Meredith looks anxious as well, but is doing her best to remain calm so she can continue to coach Lydia through what she needs to do]

MEREDITH: You can help her! Lydia! Break the glass!

[Lydia flips her hair back and looks up at Meredith with determination in her eyes]

[In the REAL WORLD at EICHEN HOUSE, Schrader has just pushed Lydia's catatonic face to the right so he can try to inject her with an antipsychotic in her neck, just like the first scene in Creatures of the Night]

[In LYDIA'S MINDSPACE, Lydia is panting deeply as she prepares to wake up, while Meredith continues to yell encouraging instructions at her]


[Lydia stands to her feet and stares at Meredith as the latter slams her palms against the glass]


[Lydia raises her arms with her palms facing the glass and takes two deep breath before screaming at the top of her lungs and shattering the glass door into hundreds of pieces]

[In the REAL WORLD AT EICHEN HOUSE, Lydia screams herself awake and bolts into a seated position with such force that Schrader is thrown backward against the wall, the syringe in his hand clattering onto the floor as all of the lights in the closed unit explode in a shower of sparks and broken glass]

[At FORT JEWETT, the Desert Wolf rears her clawed hand back again in an attempt to kill Malia, just as the light fixture above Deaton's head (as well as those throughout the rest of the room) explode as well from the powerful force of Lydia's Banshee scream, which seems to have traveled across town. This scares the Desert Wolf so much that she lets go of Malia and stands to her feet as she looks over at the broken lights. Seeing an opportunity, Malia summons all the strength she has and kicks her long leg up into the air until it hits her mother in the gut and forces her backwards, buying her enough time to stand to her feet]

[Once Malia is standing, her eyes glow bright blue, and she roars as she allows her teeth to extend into fangs in anticipation of a fight. In response, the Desert Wolf roars as she partially transforms as well, with the exact same blue eyes as Malia. After the break, Malia and the Desert Wolf start fighting, with each woman slashing and kicking at the other. The Desert Wolf manages to avoid Malia's blows and grabs her by the shoulders before throwing her toward the front of one of the military vehicles]

[Meanwhile, at EICHEN HOUSE, Lydia has wasted no time rushing out of her room and into the hallway of the closed unit, where guards are rushing toward her from both directions. She stops halfway between the two unit doors and takes in the threat before deciding to rush forward, kicking the first guard in the stomach and wrapping her legs around his neck while he's doubled over so she can pull him onto the ground. She then scrambles to her feet and heads toward the second oncoming guard before the scene cuts away]

[Back at FORT JEWETT, Malia and the Desert Wolf are still fighting each other ferociously, and Malia spins out of her reach before shifting back to human and glaring at her biological mother with loathing]

MALIA: I killed them because of you. I killed my own family.

[The Desert Wolf just smirks at her with a fake-sweet expression and responds in a mocking tone]

DESERT WOLF: Your adopted family. I'm your family, sweetheart.

[Malia becomes absolutely furious and coyotes-out again before roaring and lunging at her mother, taking swipe after vicious swipe at her abdomen, but the Desert Wolf simply grabs her by the arm and holds her still as she punches her multiple times in the stomach and head, to the point where Malia is knocked into a daze]

[Over at EICHEN HOUSE, Lydia flips her hair over her shoulders before standing to her feet when she sees another guard rushing toward her. She thrusts her hands forward and screams, creating a concussive blast that flings the man backward down the hall as the light fixture above him explodes and hits him with sparks. The guard then collapses onto the floor, allowing Lydia to scamper through the open door into the general unit]

[At FORT JEWETT, the Desert Wolf has just kneed Malia in the stomach, and she sneers at her daughter as she throws her forward onto the roof of the military vehicle next to them]

DESERT WOLF: But, if it makes you feel any better, I didn't care about them-- I was just trying to kill you.

[Just then, the two werecoyotes are startled out of their fight by a loud thumping noise across the room, and they turn to see that the brick wall behind Deaton, who is still duct-taped to his chair by the wrists and ankles, is crumbling as a result of an unknown force. Suddenly, a massive hole is broken into the wall, revealing the Beast of Gévaudan snarling at the three people in the room. Deaton turns around to see what caused the shower of broken stone falling on his head and is horrified to see the glowing blue eyes of the Beast staring back at him. Malia, still panting for breath as a result of the fight, gasps in shock at the sight of the Beast, who she has not yet seen before now]

[At EICHEN HOUSE, Lydia is on all fours on the front steps of the facility, where she is soaked by the pouring rain as a half-dozen guards shock her over and over with their taser wands. When she tries to get up, two guards grab her by the wrists and pin them behind her back as she desperately struggles to break free]

LYDIA: Please! I have to tell them! They're going to die! My friends... they're all going to die.

[At FORT JEWETT, Deaton looks absolutely terrified as the Beast continues breaking through the brick to get near them, and Malia shoots a glance at the Desert Wolf, who looks just as shocked by this development as the rest of them. As the Beast gets closer to him, Deaton frantically looks toward Malia]

DEATON: Malia!

[Malia looks at the Desert Wolf, who seems to still be figuring out her next move, and Malia is clearly torn between killing her mother once and for all and saving Deaton, her pack's mentor and ally. Malia growls under her breath at the Desert Wolf, who watches her curiously to see what she'll do, but when Malia sees the Beast attempting to pull Deaton and his chair through the hole in the wall, Malia eventually tears herself from her fight with the Desert Wolf and rushes over to Deaton to save him]

[Deaton struggles against his restraints as the Beast lifts his chair into the air, but Malia uses her claws to cut through the duct tape to free him before pulling him down. The Desert Wolf gives them both one last glance before deciding it's better to survive to fight another day and fleeing the scene. With Deaton now free, Malia helps him to his feet so they can run away from them toward Braeden, who has finally just awakened with a bloody gash on her head after all of the commotion. Malia looks frantic as she helps pull her friend to her feet]

MALIA: Come on!

[The Beast roars at the three of them as they run out of the Army base together]


[Theo has just returned to the operating theater with the jar of talons in hand and looks stunned by the sight in front of him. First he sees Corey, who is curled up on the floor with his head between his knees. Next to him is Josh, who is kneeling on the floor, cradling his injured arm and covered in blood. Tracy is standing in the doorway between the front room and the operating theater proper, where she is pressing her hands to a bleeding wound on her stomach]

[However, it appears that the Chimera Pack's mission has been a success, as Theo finds Deucalion, who is hooked up to the same wolfsbane IV drip that the Dread Doctors gave Liam in Ouroboros, is sitting on the floor next to Tracy's feet. Theo rolls his eyes in amusement at the scene in front of him as he sets the jar on the table]

THEO: All this to take down one blind werewolf...

[Deucalion's tone of voice is mildly annoyed when he responds to Theo's remark]

DEUCALION: Recently re-blinded. Unfortunately, the healing of my eyes by a Dark Druid proved only temporary. A parting gift from my time with Scott McCall.

[Deucalion turns his head toward Theo and gives him a look through his cloudy red eyes]

DEUCALION: Friend of yours?
THEO: [snarkily] We're working through some issues.

[Tracy turns toward Theo with a serious look]

TRACY: He knows why he's here. He knows about the Beast.
DEUCALION: Hmmm. The Beast of Gévaudan-- history's most vicious, most famous werewolf.

[Deucalion's tone turns from intrigued to incredulous and skeptical]

DEUCALION: And you think I'm going to show you how to steal its power?
THEO: [shrugs] I think you're open to negotiation. All you have to do is tell me what you want.

[Deucalion raises his free hand and flicks out his claws as his scowls angrily]

DEUCALION: I want his eyes... on the tips of my claws. I want the eyes of Scott McCall.

[Theo smirks in satisfaction, happy to know that he has another ally with similar goals to his own]


[Scott and Liam, fresh from their meeting with Argent and Gerard in the operating theater, have just walked into the clinic to find Malia and Braeden standing around the exam table in the back room. Malia's bloody hands are still clutching the buckshot wounds to her stomach, and Braeden is blotting at the bloody wound on her forehead, but otherwise, they're just fine]

[Scott gives Malia a silent questioning look, which Malia returns with a small smile and a nod, just as Scott enters the room and sees Deaton off to the side, looking exhausted and shell-shocked, but visibly thrilled to be home. Scott smiles and sighs in relief before rushing over to his mentor and giving him a huge hug, and Deaton smiles at the sight of him. Over Deaton's shoulder, Scott gives Malia a grateful look, and when she smiles back at him, its obvious that their friendship is finally mended]


[Scott, Stiles, Kira, Malia, and Liam have all gathered around the kitchen table at the McCall House, which is covered in what looks like blueprints and photos of the outside of Eichen House. They all look at each other in turn and nod in silent agreement as to what they're planning to do. Scott turns to Liam, who looks bashful as he lays a file on the table that reads "EICHEN SECURITY LOG," and Stiles follows up by holding up the stolen key card from earlier and laying it down as well. Scott smiles at the members of his pack before getting a determined look in his eyes]

SCOTT: Now we get Lydia.

[Scott looks at Kira, who smiles, before doing the same with Liam, Stiles, and Malia in turn, all of whom look just as eager to break their dear friend out of Eichen House once and for all]


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