Deaton: "When the tree was whole, its wood was sometimes used to contain powerful objects. But those objects are very rare."
Lydia: "Wait a second-- powerful objects? Like an Alpha's claws?"
Deaton: "Which Alpha?"
Lydia: "Talia Hale. Peter had them in this box with a triskele carved on the lid. What if it was made from the Nemeton?"
Deaton: "It was."
Scott: "How do you know?"
Deaton: "Because I made it."
Alan Deaton, Lydia Martin, and Scott McCall about the Triskelion Urn in The Divine Move

The Triskelion Urn is an urn carved from wood taken from the Nemeton before it was cut down. The urn has a Triskelion, the symbol of the Hale Family carved into the lid. As it is made with wood from the Nemeton, it is a powerful object that can be used to store other powerful objects.

The urn was initially created by Alan Deaton, a Druid and the Emissary to the Hale Pack, to protect Talia Hale's claws, the only part of the Evolved Alpha that remained after the Hale House Fire. At some point after this, the urn fell into the possession of the Calavera Family, who hid it in a box made of rowan wood and full of Mountain Ash so that no supernatural beings could take it back.

In the autumn of 2012, the urn was once again stolen back by Derek and Peter Hale after having been captured and tortured by Araya and Severo Calavera; a mercenary, Braeden, was hired to rescue Derek, and she was able to help the Hales steal the urn since, as a human, the Mountain Ash had no effect on her. The urn was later learned to have a secondary purpose, as there were five small slits cut into the bottom of the inside of the urn, allowing the claws to be stood upright so that another Werewolf could more easily insert Talia's claws into their nail beds and use them to perform the memory manipulation ritual. This ritual was later performed by Peter, who attached the claws to his nails and used them to pierce the back of Derek's neck, allowing him to communicate with Talia's spirit.

After Nogitsune broke out of its prison in the Nemeton and began wreaking havoc in Beacon Hills while possessing Stiles Stilinski, it was decided that, once the Nogitsune was defeated and returned to its fly form, the urn would be used to contain it to prevent it from returning to the world. It is unknown if the urn is being used to house both the Nogitsune fly and Talia's claws, or if the Hale Family found a new receptacle for Talia's claws. The urn was last seen in the possession of Chris Argent and Isaac Lahey before they left the Argent Apartment and headed to France. Whether Isaac is holding onto the urn, or Chris has kept it and/or hidden it elsewhere remains a mystery.


  • Alan Deaton revealed that he had created the urn for Talia's claws because she was the woman he loved and he wanted to protect the only thing that remained of her in life.