Jackson: "It was the full moon. And maybe while you were curled in the corner, having an existential crisis about turning into a monster, I was preparing for the so-called 'gift' your big, bad Alpha promised me. And what did I get? Nothing. You want proof? Let me get the video."
Derek: No. No, I have a better idea. [...] You know, Jackson, you've always been kind of a snake... And everyone knows a snake can't be poisoned by its own venom."

Venomous is the fifth episode of Season 2 and the seventeenth episode of Teen Wolf.


Derek becomes convinced that Lydia is the shapeshifter and forces Scott to help him protect her.*

(*Note: While this is the official episode synopsis, it is not entirely correct.It is true that Derek is convinced that Lydia is the shapeshifter, but he does not want Scott's help protecting her; it is Scott and the rest of his friends who go against Derek's wishes in order to protect Lydia)


As Jackson and Danny weight lift, Jackson forces himself to lift weights that are too heavy, and Danny seems somewhat concerned, and goes to take a shower. Erica shows up and takes Jackson to Derek, who is waiting in the lair for him. Derek forces Jackson to take the Kanima Venom because he has a theory that "a snake can't be poisoned by its own venom". However, Jackson is paralyzed by the venom, leaving Derek to continue the search to find out who the Kanima is. Isaac forcefully demands that Jackson takes back what he said about Isaac and his father's fight the night that his father was murdered by the Kanima. Jackson listens to a conversation that Isaac and Erica are having. They want to make Kanima venom during chemistry class to test Lydia with it. If she is the Kanima they will kill her. Stiles, however, disagrees that the Kanima is evil because the Kanima has pure evil in its eyes, but Lydia has a lower amount of evil in her eyes. Lyida hallucinates during class. She sees Peter write out spiral pattern equations on the chalkboard, corners her, crushes the chalk in his hand, and blows the dust remaining from the chalk into her face. When she snaps back to reality she realizes she has written "Someone Help Me" backwards on the board many times. In chemistry class, Erica and Isaac are still going to follow through with their plan to test Lydia, however, Stiles, Allison, and Scott McCall come up with a plan of their own. They plan to keep the two beta werewolves away from their friend.

Isaac manages to get Lydia and become her partner. Mr. Harris lets them eat their assignments. Lydia eats hers and nothing happens, suggesting that she is the Kanima. Scott, Allison, and Stiles come up with a plan to protect Lydia from Derek, who is now trying to kill her because he believes she is the Kanima. Danny and Matt are trying to help Jackson figure out who edited out the 2 hours of video he made of himself during the full moon. They say that somebody who has a key to Jackson's house could have gotten in and edited out the video footage. Jackson realizes that he gave Lydia a key to his house, and that she still has it. Allison goes to Marin Morrell to translate a page of the bestiary, the part about the Kanima. Ms. Morrell translates it, and claims that the Kanima is like a werewolf, but instead of seeking a pack like a werewolf the Kanima seeks a friend instead. Boyd and Scott briefly fight before Derek intervenes, and attempts to convince Scott to allow Lydia to be killed. Scott thinks that Lydia since Lydia is immune to the bite that she passed it on to Jackson. Derek and his pack are waiting outside of Scott's house to kill Lydia. Scott and his friends are determined to protect her.

Jackson leads Lydia to Scott's bedroom, accuses her of editing out the video footage, and retrieves his key from her. After arguing, to the point where Lydia gets very upset, they kiss. As Lydia pulls down Jackson's shirt collar a few Kanima scales start to form. Scott and his friends fight Derek and his pack. Scott and his friends win. Derek realizes Scott refuses him as an alpha because he is already an alpha of his own "pack". Lydia comes out of the house, confused by the fight, and wonders where Jackson is. At that moment, it is revaled that the Kanima is really Jackson. Jackson, now in Kanima form, races until he spots a car, where he places his hand against the window. On the other side of the window, inside the car, a gloved hand touches the window at the same spot Jackson placed his. Jackson runs into the woods and the car zooms away.


Main Cast

Supporting Cast


  • Jackson is officially confirmed to be the Kanima, despite having been paralyzed by his own venom while in human form. The Kanima made its first appearance in Shape Shifted.
    • It was also revealed that Jackson did, in fact, transform for the first time on the full moon in Shape Shifted, but the video footage of his transformation was altered by a mysterious and yet-unknown party to hide this fact.
    • This means that Lydia is not, in fact, the Kanima. However, the fact that she has been dealing with the supernatural side-effects of Peter's attack on her all season, this episode continues the ongoing mystery of what supernatural creature Lydia is.
  • Derek remarks that Scott isn't an Omega, but is rather an unofficial Alpha of his own pack, which includes Stiles and Allison. This is likely foreshadowing to Scott's future ascension to True Alpha status in Season 3 and the slow process of building of his own pack.
    • This is the second insinuation that Scott is the leader of his own pack. The first was in Season 1's Night School, when Scott realized that the Alpha wanted him to kill his "pack," which included Stiles, Allison, Lydia, and Jackson.
  • Isaac physically threatens Jackson until he agrees to take back his witness testimony in the case regarding Mr. Lahey's death, during which Jackson confirmed that Mr. Lahey had seriously abused Isaac. Jackson's retraction clears Isaac of suspicion for his father's murder and no longer makes him a fugitive. Isaac was first arrested for his father's death in Shape Shifted.
    • Ironically, it will soon be revealed that it was Jackson (under the control of Matt Daehler) who killed Mr. Lahey in the first place.
  • Allison takes the Argent Bestiary to Ms. Morrell to get help in translating the Kanima section from its original Archaic Latin. Allison and Scott obtained the Bestiary from Gerard's USB key-ring in Abomination.
    • Ms. Morrell claimed that it said that the Kanima seeks a friend, but in Frenemy, Lydia reads the passage and translates it, stating that the Kanima actually seeks a master. It is likely that Ms. Morrell lied and gave them the wrong translation because she was trying to encourage Allison and her friends to help the Kanima instead of killing it like Derek intended to do.
    • The Bestiary also states that the Kanima is a creature of vengeance who goes after murderers, which will later help them in determining who is controlling it in future episodes.
  • Lydia continues to have hallucinations about Peter Hale in his younger form in this episode, which first started in Ice Pick.
  • It is revealed that Derek actually bit Jackson because he hoped he would die. Derek gave Jackson the Bite in Code Breaker.
  • Allison uses Kanima venom to coat an arrow, which was then caught by Erica, in order to paralyze her. This is the first time on the series that Kanima venom is used as an offensive weapon by a non-Kanima character.
  • Danny Mahealani mentions that Jackson (who still believes he's a Werewolf whose transformation is somehow going slower than normal) won't be strong enough to lift the weight he was trying to lift until the full moon, revealing that he is at least aware of Werewolves, if not supernatural creatures in general. However, most of the characters (as well as most of the audience) will not realize that Danny knows about it until the end of Season 3.


Body Count




  • "Can't Stop The Rock" by Vibrolux
    • Jackson lifts weights in the locker room
  • "Terror Visions" by Living Things
    • Derek and Isaac taunt Jackson while he's paralyzed by Kanima venom
  • "Stutter" by Marianas Trench
    • Scott and Stiles talk about the Kanima in the hallway
  • "Haven't Had Enough" by Marianas Trench
    • Erica flirts with Scott in chemistry class while Lydia and Allison watch her
  • "Outrageous (Original Mix)" by Coucheron
    • Erica and Isaac walk down the hallway to chemistry class while Isaac drags his claws along the doors of the lockers
  • "Bad Intentions" by Digital Daggers
    • Allison tricks Erica into paralyzing herself by catching an arrow that she coated in Kanima venom



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